Little Company of Mary Torrance 2012

  1. Has anyone applied to or had an interview with LCOM for the upcoming cohort? It seems weird that I can't seem to find anything about their interview process on here except from like 2006.
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  3. by   NurseJAG
    Ive been looking for info too! I got the call yesterday for an interview there next week. I have to fly down from the bay area. They said it will be a 30 min interview with 4 ppl. They're thinking of hiring 10 people total or more for M/S Tele and a step-down unit. Thats all the info I got.
  4. by   Brightstar
    Yes, I am interviewing with them this week. I got the same info as NurseJAG. The recruiter also said that they are interviewing for two days.
  5. by   newbiepnp
    I interviewed for the ED today. I was told they are going to hire 3, maybe 4 for that department and I would hear back by Wednesday afternoon. Program starts May 7th. Good luck!
  6. by   Brightstar
    Best of Luck to you sugar lips!! I am interviewing on Thursday.
  7. by   newbiepnp
    Good luck!
  8. by   CashmereRN
    I am interviewing this Friday (April 20) and am flying down from the bay area. I am interviewing for med/surg tele but I was not sure if that included the managers from the step down unit as well? Does anyone know how long this residency is? (if we are all hopefully hired! *fingers crossed)
  9. by   CashmereRN
    I heard they are hiring about 10 total for medical/surgical and telemetry! They wouldn't disclose how many they were interviewing, however.
  10. by   newbiepnp
    Quote from CashmereRN
    Does anyone know how long this residency is? (if we are all hopefully hired! *fingers crossed)
    I was told that it takes about 4 months to go through all the classroom time.
  11. by   NurseJAG
    How did everyones interview go?? I thought It went by really fast.
  12. by   Brightstar
    Yes, it definitely did!!!
  13. by   CashmereRN
    It was my first interview and it lasted 20-25 minutes. How long have your previous interviews been?
  14. by   newbiepnp
    I've been in interviews that were about an hour, and as short as 20 minutes. I was told going into my interview with LCOM that it would be 30 minutes. At 30, the HR guy was knocking on the door.