Keck Hospital of USC RN Versant Program April 2018 - page 4

Hey! I just want to make sure I'm reading the requirements correctly. In order to apply, you'll need these documents: 1. Resume 2. Cover Letter 3. Personal Statement 4. Unofficial... Read More

  1. by   nursesrg
    Quote from bhnguyen
    I received a questionnaire and my status changed to "under consideration."
    Hi! What were your choice of units?
  2. by   Katja101
    Oops wrong chat.
  3. by   bhnguyen
    Quote from nursesrg
    Hi! What were your choice of units?
    I chose onco/tele and onco ICU.
  4. by   bhnguyen
    Quote from tynil
    Where were you able to check your status change for keck?
    The same site where you applied for the program.