Kaiser's pay/benefits for staff nurse 2?

  1. Hello. I was wondering if anyone has info on Kaiser Permanente's pay scale for staff nurse 2. How much is the benefit package? Is it still free for employees? I am in N. CA, and over 10 years RN experience. I know they are unionized, so the wage scale is set, but I can't find the info on the union website. I am just wondering how much of a paycut I would take if I took a job from KP (I work for another health system). I know they just renewed the contract in October, but not sure what they start RN staff nurse 2 pay at. Thanks!
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  3. by   RN691
    Hi, I work at Kaiser in San Jose,CA. and LOVE IT!!!! I started here over a year ago as a traveler and worked 3 contracts and then accepted a full time position. Pay scale is determined by your years of experience. I have 8 years as a nurse and started in the high $50/hr, then got a 5% increase at 90 days and will get another another 5% raise at my year anniversary. The differential between evening and nights are great also. The managers are very supportive of staff and help us in any way they can. The computer system they use is health connect. I love this system-the entire chart is on the computer. Doctors put in the orders and nurses taking verbal orders is discouraged. In the time I have been here I have taken only 9 verbal orders. I really do enjoy working here and my co-workers are great. Still have rough days-but thats the world of nursing not because of the hospital. I highly recommend my facility. Hope that helps. P.S medical insurance is 100% covered and free for employees
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  4. by   Genista
    RN691- Thanks for the info. I am looking to change specialties, and hoping to not lose too much in my pay. I'm glad to hear you are happy there! Pay & benefits sound good. I hope it continues to go well for you!
  5. by   mrex
    I started at Kaiser in northern CA as a new grad last year. My pay was about $46/hr as a new grad. I'm a level 2 nurse now and I make about $51. Evening differential is about $5, and night is about $9. So with only a year experience I'm at $60/hr working nights.
  6. by   Genista
    Thanks Mrex. Congrats on your 1st job! Hope it's going well.
  7. by   SmilesHeal101
    Is this Debra?
  8. by   StudyinginCT
    This is amazing to me. We are looking at relocating to the Bay Area from CT, and I make $28/hr with 18 months experience. I know the COL is high in the Bay Area, but holy cow. $51/hr??
  9. by   Merced
    Cost of living is high, but Kaiser can afford to be very selective, & they hire excellent nurses, which is why it is such a prized place to work.
  10. by   bethlearning
    Thank you for all the info. How much would a 4 years, full time RN nurse make ?
    If you are hirer full time is it better or does part time allowed you to pick up extra shifts?????
  11. by   Merced
    In general, I would say you probably would not get a Kaiser job when you are new to the area.
    My impression, from knowing their nurses, is that they hire nurses who have a proven, excellent record from other acute hospitals in the area.

    Of course, luck & timing often play a bigger part than anything else, but the situation at Kaiser, as I know it, is as I stated.
  12. by   bethlearning
    Thank you for your reply, but even with 4 years experiences in acute care??
    and do they have shifts of 8 or 12 hrs, more full time or more part time ??
    It sounds really interesting.
  13. by   nurse_mitch
    that's great! what traveling agency did you work for?
  14. by   navyRN1790
    would a nurse with 5 years experience be considered a level 2?