Just submitted application for Riverside Community College Fall 2013 - page 2

Hi Everyone, I was wanting to start a cohort for RCC Fall 2013 applicants. I just submitted my application and am studying for the teas V. Anyone else apply or am I the only one crazy enough to be worrying about it already?... Read More

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    Thanks! That is good to know I went to the information session a couple days ago. They said that 80 points usually get in, people with 75 points could possibly make the alternate list. So if I score well on the teas and get 85 points I should be OK! Are you in the RCC program now Mina?

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    No...I decided on Chaffey ADN program (closer to home). I start 2nd semester tomorrow. Yikes!!!
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    Congratulations and good luck!! Let me know how it goes
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    I just applied too. Have you gotten your online receipt yet after you submitted the app?
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    HI! Not yet! They are taking their time... I have a friend that applied at the same time and she didn't get hers yet either!
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    Yup they sure are. But it's probably they have so many applicants.
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    Oh man! I hadn't thought of that!
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    I got my confirmation letter today! Everything on track so far
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    Hi everyone, when did you submit your application? I sent mine in on January 8th and I still haven't got a receipt email.
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    I sent mine in on the 3rd, I think they are taking awhile to get the receipts out. You can call and ask if they've received it though, the gentleman I spoke to was very nice

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