Just submitted application for Riverside Community College Fall 2013 - page 2

Hi Everyone, I was wanting to start a cohort for RCC Fall 2013 applicants. I just submitted my application and am studying for the teas V. Anyone else apply or am I the only one crazy enough to be... Read More

  1. by   stwbrypocky
    I just applied too. Have you gotten your online receipt yet after you submitted the app?
  2. by   MyJazzyStarr
    HI! Not yet! They are taking their time... I have a friend that applied at the same time and she didn't get hers yet either!
  3. by   stwbrypocky
    Yup they sure are. But it's probably they have so many applicants.
  4. by   MyJazzyStarr
    Oh man! I hadn't thought of that!
  5. by   MyJazzyStarr
    I got my confirmation letter today! Everything on track so far
  6. by   momm22
    Hi everyone, when did you submit your application? I sent mine in on January 8th and I still haven't got a receipt email.
  7. by   MyJazzyStarr
    I sent mine in on the 3rd, I think they are taking awhile to get the receipts out. You can call and ask if they've received it though, the gentleman I spoke to was very nice
  8. by   AloeBlox
    good luck!
  9. by   MyJazzyStarr
  10. by   stillwag
    Hey everyone!

    I also submitted my application for Fall 2013... I'm so nervous... I thought the "waiting game" wasn't going to be so bad, but geez! March is barely almost over and we still have practically 3 more months to wait! I believe I have 75 pts...I got an 85% on my TEAS though. I have a friend who applied for fall 2012 and had 70 or 75 pts (I can't remember) and got in as a standby the week before the semester started...so I guess there is always hope I don't know what I'll do if I wait till the end of June and find out I'm on standby and have to wait another two months to know my fate... I think I'll lock myself in a padded room if that happens XD I hope more people get on here bc I feel so alone in my agony lol are there any more worry-warts out there??

    Good luck to you all
  11. by   Ladykeshar
    Anyone got an email to take the teas test at Rcc yet?
  12. by   mram34
    Quote from keneesir
    Anyone got an email to take the teas test at Rcc yet?
    I thought it was a letter?
  13. by   stwbrypocky
    Not yet. I've been checking my email several times a day since the 15th...you?