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Is anyone familiar with this new program, or know anyone who is currently in the first class? I'm finding mixed reviews about it online, and I just took their HESI exam today. I got a 91 overall, so... Read More

  1. by   Marykdarling
    Thank you!!! And I will LAD. ----------- said that you can contact her on December 2nd to figure out exactly where you are in the ranking. This will be after several tests & re-tests, so it should give you a better idea of where you land in the top 30. Keep in mind that many of the local junior colleges have sent out notifications, so there may be many people who deny their seat even if they are accepted! Please keep me updated on your progress. I wish you the best!
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  2. by   LAD22
    Hi ysa12 and studentnurse2, I just wanted to see how things were going? When does the first class graduate? I hope all is well, I am hoping that I get accepted into the March cohort
  3. by   username2311
    Hi all! How are you liking the school? I just found this school on the accredited list and now considering it. I plan on going to Kaplan for my lvn but that was before I knew there was a private school with an ADN. =)
  4. by   mrseboka08
    I am in my second year at Itt in Oklahoma City. I have met a lot of people who have graduated and are already working. I have had a good experiance so far and my current job is already recruiting me. The only down side is the cost. But all of my credits from other schools transferred. Im a good student but it seemed like only applicants with GPA's around 3.6 and above were getting in traditional schools in Oklahoma. I have a GPA of 3.3 but I applied 2 years in a row, to multiple programs , with medical experiance and certifacations with no luck. Itt is a good program for non traditional students. I dont have anyone in my class under 25. No offence to the younger people.
  5. by   Marykdarling
    I am also wondering how everyone is liking ITT's program. Thanks for the information to the poster above me. I am loving Samuel Merritt and I'm really glad that I'm in a nursing program. I know it's so competitive out there, so best of luck to everyone who is applying!!
  6. by   LAD22
    Hi Marykdarling! How's school going? I forgot to tell you that I got accepted to Breckinridge
  7. by   ysa14
    Hey LAD22, that is so awesome! when do you start?
  8. by   knight6117
    Hello I have been reading everyones posts and they have been so helpful and have answered many of my questions. I am going to be taking the Hesi to try to get in to the Sept 2013. I have been studing a teas prep book and the hesi Admission Assessment Exam Review,

    book. I was wondering what other studing material any of you would suggest. Thanks
  9. by   knight6117
    Hello I was wondering where itt in rancho cordova ca does their clinicals at
  10. by   kobmom
    Quote from knight6117
    Hello I was wondering where itt in rancho cordova ca does their clinicals at
    When I went to the information meeting they said clinicals are currently at Sutter Roseville, Mercy San Juan and Methodist
  11. by   knight6117
    Thanks I went to the meeting also. Good luck on the hesi it seems like you pretty much have to ace it to get in.
  12. by   Marykdarling
    LAD22! That is so awesome! Congrats! Yes, you guys are right. You really do have to "ace it" to get in. When I tried my first time and got a 91 for the summer of 2012 cohort, I was not in the top 30. For the March of 2013 class I retried and scored a 93.6. I January came and I had already started at Samuel Merritt. I was thinking, "wow! I can't believe I wasn't even wait listed with near a 94%!" But at the end of Jan. I was offered a seat for the March class. I, of course, had to decline, but I just wanted to let everyone know, because I thought I would have known before then!

    LAD22, how are you liking it? I don't know about you, but I'm ready to graduate already!! Lol good luck to all!
  13. by   priya23
    Hello fellow students!! I will be attending the seminar for this school at the end of the month, April 30. I will be driving from Reno, it wont be that bad I really would love to know the books that some of you used to study for this test besides the study guide. I want to start studying now... congrads to all you that have gotten in!! I hope to be one of you and get into the Sept class. Bet of luck to you all and thank you for your help!!