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Is anyone familiar with this new program, or know anyone who is currently in the first class? I'm finding mixed reviews about it online, and I just took their HESI exam today. I got a 91 overall, so... Read More

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    Hey LAD22! How did your HESI exam go today? Were there a lot of other students?

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    Hi Marykdarling, my internet was down and I was just able to get back on. I did my HESI and scored an 88, so I am retaking it in Nov. I did well in the math portion but my vocab and grammar brought my scores down. I am confident that I can score higher next time around. There were about 13 people there, which was a lot less than the number of people at the presentation. When you retake the HESI is it the exact same as the first time? I am trying to remember some of the vocab words but I did that portion first and am having a hard time remembering what words were on it. Also- when the evolve website shows your score, was is different that what ITT said?
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    Hi LAD22! Glad to see your up and running! Good job scoring your 88. Vocab and grammar were okay for me, it was reading comprehension that brought me down! It's nice to hear that there weren't a ton of people in your testing cycle, because it is such a competitive program. When I did my retake, the questions were completely different -- nothing seemed familiar. Same types of questions, but different reading passages, word problems, etc. The score on the website is going to be different than the score they gave you; it may be higher or lower. This is because the way ITT calculates the score is different than the way the Evolve website calculates it. ITT scores the test by the calculating the following: Reading + Grammar + Voc divided by 3, And Math, and then divide by 2. That may be the reason why the score ITT gave you is slightly different than the score on the website. I wish I could offer you more advice, but I scored around the same my second time around. (91.2 and 93.6) Anyways, good luck, and let me know if you have any more questions! I'll try my best to answer them
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    Hi Marykdarling! That stresses me out that the test was different but I'm glad I know ahead of time. Thank you!! I am going to study my butt off and hopefully score a lot higher. I really want to get in (just like everyone else)! I appreciate you answering all of my questions and I will let you know if anything new comes up
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    No problem. I'm glad I could help and answer a few of your questions. When are you re-taking in November?
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    Just a FYI for anyone considering this and any other vocational school for a nursing degree, be sure that you are content with having only an Associate's Degree of Nursing forever after you graduate (with the exception of being able to get a Bachelors or Masters from another private school for a pretty penny). I attended the orientation at ITT in Rancho Cordova for their Registered Nurse program last week and it all sounded great until someone asked what kind of accreditation they have. Their spokeswoman for the RN program said that they are approved by the BRN and are nationally accredited. She went further to mention that they are negotiating with the CSU system about transferability of units. A red flag went off in my head so I scheduled an appointment with a counselor at the community college I have been attending for my nursing program pre-reqs. The counselor told me that if ITT is not REGIONALLY accredited by WASC, I cannot transfer to a state university to pursue a Bachelors or Masters degree since the state university systems do not accept their units for transfer. I don't think I am going to go through with trying to get into ITT's nursing program. With a $50,000 price tag for an Associate's Degree I can never advance from, it's just not what I want for my future. I eventually want to become a Nurse Practitioner but because of this info, I'll have to keep my fingers crossed and hope I get into a community college RN program. Here's a link to some reading material on this stuff:

    Sorry for the essay, I just wanted to give you all the heads up just in case you were wanting to eventually transfer into a state university for a higher up degree.
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    Hi ochidulci! Thanks for all the information; I remember thinking the same thing during my orientation. Just like you, I also want to get my bachelors and eventually become either a nurse anesthetist. I know ITT said they are working with CSUS for a bridge RN to BSN program, but I actually wouldn't mind going through another private program for my BSN. I have been applying to associate level RN programs for a year and still haven't gotten in; I am getting really frustrated. Since I have all of my other classes done, the program at ITT would be significantly less for me. (Around 27k). Still a lot of money, but I really just want to get in somewhere!!!
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    I'm going through the process of checking out ITT here in Lake Mary for my ADN and here they have an agreement with Capella University which is backed by the government by scholarships for their IT programs and it is not too bad on price. It's on the approved list for government companies for their employees to go back to school so you can get your BSN without spending another 40k or so.
    I finished LPN school and take my boards this Friday so they said I can test out of 5 nursing classes and several of the general education classes. She said it would cut off at least 1 year of the program making it only 12-15 months long for me. My question is was everyone's financial aid able to cover most of the cost or all of it?
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    Hi Marykdarling,

    I retook the hesi today and also scored a 93.6! Lets hope it is high enough for us to get in Have you met with financial aid yet?
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    Wow!! You increased your last score by a lot -- congrats!! I got a 93.64, so we basically have the same score. I was told I was around number 10-15 in the top 30 with that score, just to give you an idea of where you should be. I have not met with financial aid yet, no.Great job again! You should be proud of yourself. Now we just have to wait till December/January

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