I'm thinking of moving to southern CA (6+ yrs. LPN/LVN experience)

  1. 0 Well, what about if you have 6 1/2 YRS of experience all in ltc/rehab? I'm thinking of taking the chance of moving to socal with a relative who lived there in the recent past who isn't in the medical field.
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    brown eyed girl has '8.5' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'LTC/Sub Acute Rehab'. From 'Atlanta, GA'; Joined Nov '05; Posts: 406; Likes: 151.

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    I'm a LPN who was IV certified during initial licensure in Ohio then recertified here in GA while working for a large regional healthcare organization.
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    @ Brown eyed girl, With that much experience working as an LVN I am pretty sure it won't be THAT bad for you. Some places that I went in person to apply at seemed like they might have been interested in hiring me, but then asked me where I previously worked and how many years I have in, and when I told them I was new and had less than a year then they pretty much had a "oh darn, nevermind" look to them.
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    What is the going rate of pay these days in each setting? I know rent is crazy expensive! LOL! I only have a car payment and NO BABIES!
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    You can expect 20-23 at an LTC. Not too sure about hospitals
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    So, how does one "live" if lpn's only make 18/hr?
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    20-23 isn't too bad at a ltc depending on the acuity of the pts.
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    Quote from brown eyed girl
    So, how does one "live" if lpn's only make 18/hr?
    So are you renting or moving in with your relative?

    If renting, look for a place in an decent neighborhood that has not so decent schools since you dont have children because houses in 'good' school zones tend to be more expensive. (I'm assuming you don't want to live in a 'dangerous' place!) and as futurenurse310 said with experience you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a job!

    Good luck in your move to Cali!
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    Honey, I don't even know what area is decent! LOL! It is my preference to live in a suburban area with LOTS OF CONVENIENCE! Somewhere where the ACTUAL DRIVE is LESS than 15min. I've heard the traffic situation is WORSE than here in Atlanta. Does any area come to mind??? I'm also a sucker for farmers mkts and specialty food mkts.
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    HAHA! True! Do you have any idea where in southern Cali you want to go? Once you have a job lined up you can go to www.city-data.com to look up the area/surrounding areas of the city you get a job in. They have forums about different cities and neighborhoods about what is a good area and what is not so good.
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    Are you planning to bridge to a RN program? No judgement either way...

    It's just that there isnt that much of a need for LVN's; as most hospitals/medical facilities are just hiring RN's and CNAs...

    Maybe the demand is higher in Vegas or Phoenix ~ which are both LA/SoCal-esque...

    I live in Los Angeles and are going into an RN program strictly for the reason I mentioned above...
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    YES I AM! IM READY more than anyone can understand.
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    I just got a job in Newport at Hoag in the Emergency room with 1 year experience as an RN.. Dont know if that tells ya anything...

    im currently in the process of figuring out how I am going to move all my stuff from Michigan hahah

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