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Hollywood Presbyterian RN Residency Program

  1. 0 Hi guys,

    I wanted to start a thread on the Hollywood Presbyterian RN Residency Program, so we can keep each other updated. The start date for the program is March 4. Good luck to all that applied. Any info about Hollywood Presbyterian's hiring process would, also, be appreciated!!

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    Hi!!! I was hoping someone would start a thread i sent the paperwork they asked for over email. Do you know when interviews begin?
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    Hi!!! I was hoping someone would start a thread i just sent the paperwork they asked for over email. Does anyone know when they call back for interviews?
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    I to received an email to send in the additional paperwork. I would imagine they would start contacting people next week for interviews due to the short amount of time between now and the feb. 15th date they said all appointments needed to be completed by. Since today is the last day for the documents to be received (and Monday is technically a holiday) I would imagine/hope they will start contacting us by like Wednesday possibly.

    Does anybody know how the process works? Thats a very good question I am kind of confused on how it works/howmany they are hiring and such. Also there website was kind of bland and not much information. Does anybody know if they actually have a pediatric unit or just outpatient normal pediatric routine checkups? I would assume they dont have a pediatric unit because CHLA is literally around the corner.

    Good luck to everyone! Keep us updated
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    Perfect! I talked to career services at my school and she contacted the recruiter about the program. Hollywood Pres is planning on hiring around 15 people I think, but the number could change. Just out of curiosity: Are you guys BSN/ADN, have experience in healthcare, etc? I wonder how she screened those that got e-mail vs. those that didn't. I, myself, am a BSN and have CNA experience currently.

    Nice to meet you guys!
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    What is the link to the residency program app? I can't find it online. I hope to apply for the next round.
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    I am also a BSN. I have no "nursing" experience as far as working goes but I have a lot of volunteering experience and ACLS, PALS, and BLS.

    I am not sure what the exact link is blueorchid....I just frequently check all the websites looking for new graduate programs near me.

    Eveyone keep us updated if you hear anything in the next few days (hopefully)!!
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    Blueorchid: The link isn't up anymore. I would maybe call HR soon to see when they are posting for the next cohort and just keep your eyes out for it.
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    Hi Guys!

    I got an email back from the recruiter on Tuesday - they do not offer the residency program on their Peds floor or NICU (those were my #1 and #3 choices). They dont have a PICU at the hospital ( I called and asked).
    I have an interview coming on on Friday with the recruiter and have no idea what to expect. Nervous!!!

    Anyone else with news???
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    Hi MiyaLuv,

    Congrats on the interview!!! I have not gotten a call yet about an interview. Did they call you to set it up or was it in the email? My status on the website still says they are reviewing my application...
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    Hi Bailey C. - Thank you! It was all via email
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    Congrats and good luck on the interview Miyalove! Did you end up picking different units since they didn't offer new grad positions for the units you wanted?
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    Thank you rnkarenla! My 2nd choice was ICU... so she asked if I wanted to interview for that and M/S.

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