Evergreen Valley College Spring 2013

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    Did anyone get accepted and staring spring 2013?

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    Hi I wanted applied for this upcoming fall and I wanted to know how many people got accepted with the first application and how many had to wait
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    Hi- I got in on my 2nd time applying. I'm currently in the 1st semester of the program. In my specific clinical group of 10 people, about 1/2 got in 1st try, half 2nd try. I believe this last round was different though because many people didn't pass the TEAS V (which enabled a lot more 1st time applicants to get in). Hope that helps! Good luck to you.
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    Thank you very much for the input.... The wait is very long.... But all worth it..,, I will let you know what results are and good luck on your nursing school first semester !!!!!!😃😃😃😃
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    I haven't found out yet they said until the 31st but I feel like it won't be good news
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    Have you heard any news, RN12345678?
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    Hey RN12345678 and Katrinasj85
    I'm glad to see 12-13 applicants for Evergreen Valley College on here. I recently applied this past Oct as well. And have not heard anything from the college yet. Nervous, yet excited at the same time. If any of you hear anything, please update. =)
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    I just received email that I got accepted for Fall2013/Spring 2014 at EVC
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    Wow, already?! Ahh, I have not heard anything from them. Is this your first time applying, if you don't mind me asking.
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    This is my first time applying. My friend also got accepted same with me,too. My other friend, she will start this Spring 2013
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