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Hello all, I know there are already a couple of posts for this school, but reading through the threads I didn't get all the information that I was looking for and considering that they are pretty old threads I made a new one... Read More

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    Cassandra I just sent you the app.

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    Do you know if we turn in the application before the interview or after?
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    I'm not positive but I would imagine before...
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    Quote from l1m3n
    Good luck Sheralyn!!!!! I too got called!!! Scheduled mine on Monday though..super excited!
    Thanks! Good luck to you as well. I'm anxious but wanted to get the ball rolling ASAP. No time to get nervous...tomorrow morning will be here before I can blink.
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    Quote from CassandraLewis
    Yayyyyyy I just got my call my interview is Monday at 11 I am soooooo excited I feel like a little kid lol! I wish all of you the BEST OF LUCK and hopefully we will be classmates come Janurary!
    That would be great to already be familiar with classmates because of this site. Please keep us all posted of your progress in the process. I will do the same
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    My interview is bright and early Thursday morning good luck guys!
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    Do any of you guys have any feed back on your interviews?
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    Hey guys, can anyone help me with a question? I took my test early sept. and scored really well on it, but havent gotten my appt. for my interview, I have called the office a couple of times, emailed and they keep on telling me that they still dont have an appt. for my interview. I'm not sure when classes start, but I know its probably not a good sign if they still havent interviewed me. I'm kind of bummed because I thought that I would be interviewed by now. Does any one know when classes start? and do you guys have any suggestions on what I should be doing? I want to be persistent keep on calling but I'm afraid to be a pest and get on their nerves...PLEASE guys any feed back would be nice!
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    crap I didnt mean to like your comment. Just reply. I'm going to be honest because the waiting game sucks. They interview based on score, and they told me that they only started interviewing late November because they were running late. I scored and overall grade of 87% but my english and math which we were told were the only ones to count was around 91%. That being said, it's possible for people to have a high score and just suck in their interview. So all hope isn't completely lost. Classes start January 14th. Either way I wouldn't worry to much about it. It's still a very expensive program, and the people who make it are going to be pretty much bums for the next couple of years because of the accelerated program, that doesn't sound fun to me at all. It's like LVN school all over again but longer and harder. The junior college route is longer, but alot less expensive, and you'll still be able to work. So it's pros and cons man. I hope whatever happens, it works out for the best for you. I check this every so often so feel free to ask me anymore question.
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    Hey 1m3n, thanks for the reply and for answering my questions. I guess I'll just keep on waiting, my scores for both math and english were really good, but I guess its just a waiting game now. I started doing my pre-reqs at a community college but since they have all these state budget cuts they also cut down on the size on some of the classes I need, either way I'll end up getting my RN license. Hope all goes well for you too my friend! Thanks again

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