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  1. by   daguirre3
    hey this is my first post but I have been reading and getting information from this site to help better be prepared for the interview and test for everest. My friend and I both got called on tuesday for our F.A. meeting and we have them today mine is at 5pm. I was wondering if anyone knew how they go about selecting the final 40 from the 60-80 that are called? If I find out any news I will post it online when I get back from the F.A. meeting today. Thanks.
  2. by   jmiraRN
    i think its because when it comes down to the f.a. process people decide to back out when they see how much its gonna be out of pocket. i qualify for full f.a. grants and max federal loans and i still have a hefty out of pocket cash sum. its quite intimidating. personally i dont qualify for private loans and dont have someone who is willing to sign for me so its on me.

    once you are done with f.a. its still not a sure bet. im back on a wait until the school actually receives the money from the government which takes a litlle time and the full amount is met then from there theres all sorts of admission stuff to go through. it is a lengthy process all in all. the final 40 turn out to be the ones who do get all of their program costs actually paid for. if ur coming in with a pre approved private loan already that will probably help speed up the entire process, and bring in ur fafsa s.a.r. or whatever printouts you have as it will also save u time, and at this point time means a lot.

    Daguirre welcome to the post and good luck. please fill us in on any possible info that you receive. we love the support here
  3. by   ResaRN
    Just received a voicemail re: being pre-selected to move on to financial aid, returned the call, left a message and am now waiting for a call back. I'm more nervous now than I was before the test and interview!! This is the part I'm afraid I won't get through successfully because of poor credit. Please send good juju!! *bites nails*

    I'm SO glad this thread exists...I don't know any of you, but I also don't know what I'd do without you!
  4. by   dexandmon
    Went through FA today. Long but very eye opening. I am having second thoughts about the school. Very risky to invest so much in a school that does not have any success to show for. No NCLEX scores, current students not to happy with program. I worried that I won't get the education needed inorder to pass the NCLEX and be a great nurse. Might be sitting out this time around. Feel that more research has to be done on the school. Don't get me wrong the idea of finishing in two years is wonderful but not at the expensive of my education and debt. Any others feeling like this?
  5. by   .:Jewels:.
    yikes, my phone has been attached to my hip all week and still nothing i interviewed like 6 1/2 weeks ago!!! the more people i see getting their f.a appointments the more im nervous!!! ahhh... dexandmon, i totally get you... so with federal$ and grants aside how much out of pocket? and was anyone able to transfer classes?? oh and one last question for everyone whos had their f.a appointment...do we HAVE to bring cosigners? what if we bring all their info needed? thanks everyone...congrats to all thats gotten a f.a appointment, cross your fingers for me!!
  6. by   .:Jewels:.
    oh, and dexandmon...how do you know current students are unhappy? please share
  7. by   daguirre3
    I just got out of my FA meeting an hour ago and it went better than I expected so that's good. I got all my classes transferred which was 8 classes. Stafford loans covered 85% of the total and the rest I covered with a co signer which to me wasn't too much at all. They said the next couple of days to a week thu would let me know because they have to give my whole packet to the head of the department for the final say. So I has my fingers crossed for now. Any questions please feel free to ask.
  8. by   emt_anderson
    jmira and dexandmon did you transfer in any classes?? with all my classes being transferred in i've estimated 30,000 bucks about.
  9. by   JesusIsGod
    FA Process was pretty simple, as long as you come prepared (from the paper they gave you on the day of your interview). They will try their best to transfer in any eligible classes, (official transcripts should have been mailed long ago) which saves lots of money in the end.

    Dexandmon, sorry to hear that you are now re-thinking the program, but where did you find out that students are unhappy? These are concerns and questions that should have been handled at the interview process, if you asked about them. All of my questions/concerns were answered at my interview, which reassured me of this program. They give you every chance possible to succeed, so in the end, if a student does not pass, it's typically not due to poor instruction. You get out what you put in. Paying 50 grand will not give you an automatic pass... It will still be very, very difficult, hence why they encourage us from the very beginning to NOT WORK. This 2 year program is a full time job. I have heard of 2 graduates from everest ontario, and they both passed their nclex and already have jobs... I would say that's a success... I just finished an EMT course, and my instructor has a friend who graduated everest adn program... My teacher expressed that everest college is a very demanding program, but produces excellent RN's. I have not found any forums created to criticize everest college, like I have seen for other schools. But in the end, you have to do what you have to do, and trust that it's the best choice to make. It's not everyday that you get selected (out of over 1000) to join an RN program, so I definitely want to take advantage of it while I can.

    Overall, at this point, I am very excited to join Everest College Ontario Metro's RN program. Lord willing, I will begin Jan. 18th. Just waiting for the final call, telling me that my FA has cleared, and am now ready to register as an official student.

    Grace and Peace.
  10. by   emt_anderson
    Yeah, I've spoken with students at the school when I went the information session, and they seemed happy with the program. Plus they give you a class your last semester that is aimed at helping you pass the nclex.
  11. by   jmiraRN
    Ok so I personally have 8 units to transfer only. So here's how it goes: 416 per unit plus 1462 books every 9 months and a 120 random fee. Comes to a lil over 50k. Buuut they package it 9 months at a time thus receiving more fafsa. Its a bit confusing but it is a for profit school.

    The f.a. part was only tough on my end because I have rotten credit and turned out my cosigner did too lol. And my father was with me as a last resort cosigner and he changed his mind. So I'm left with cash payments to everest during school. But it is my choice to continue.

    As far as them not teaching what is needed or unhappy students all I can say on my part is if admitted I do plan on taking an outside nclex prep prior to testing as to ensure being on par. It is a very pricey program but time is money. Its getting down to the nitty gritty and I really do hope I get to see emt anderson, jewels dexandmon and long in school since we've all kind of shared this little journey together!
  12. by   dexandmon
    Hi again, feel like I kow you all. I would be transfering in 30 units. What I am considering doing is taking my physio and micro and the college i have been going, which gives Everest 6 months to a year to have some nclex scores posted. I have been a teacher for 10 years and understand that the success of the students goes hand and hand with my ability to teach. Spoken to a few current rn students and they have shared that if you don't have any medical background that the journey would be even more difficult due to to the level of teaching of core nursing subjects. I don't have ANY medical background so those statements concern me. Funny have been waiting anxiously to get in and now that I am one step away I am reconsidering. I do believe that my hesitation is a good thing (for me and my family). Nursing is what I am suppose to be doing just need to make sure that I am knocking on the correct door. Good luck everyone. Who know's perhaps I will go to bed tonight and wake up feeling differently
  13. by   emt_anderson
    I have 5 years of medical experience so I'm not sure how that will help. I also have all my pre-reqs and general educcation transfering in except for makbye 4 classes.