Does anyone know of any good schools for LVN-ADN in Southern California?

  1. 0 I am currently in an LVN school in Oklahoma and I will graduate in June 2011. I am moving to the anaheim area in the summer and I am looking for a school to go to for the LVN-ADN. The only problem I am having is that its hard to find colleges to apply because they all want me to be seen by a counselor. Has anyone found a good way to apply to colleges without actually being in California?
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    I can't find a way to edit this post but does I found out LVN-ADN you have to have like 6 months-1year work experience. So I guess I am looking for a college that does advanced placement for the ADN program. Anyone know any?
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    Quote from katielynn10
    I can't find a way to edit this post but does I found out LVN-ADN you have to have like 6 months-1year work experience. So I guess I am looking for a college that does advanced placement for the ADN program. Anyone know any?
    Not every school requires work experience before being eligible to apply for their LVN-ADN programs. Of the community colleges near Anaheim (within a 30 min drive) off the top of my head, I know Cypress College, Santa Ana College, Long Beach City College, Mt SAC, and Rio Hondo have LVN-ADN programs that do not require work experience. That's already quite a few to choose from and apply to. But also keep in mind that every school has different selection criteria that may affect your decision/chances, not just work experience... For example, some are based on points, whereas others have waitlists, etc. You just have to do your research as to which fits you best.

    But to cover my bases about other colleges nearby, Cerritos College and Saddleback College both require work experience. And Golden West College is currently not accepting applications for their LVN-RN program. And all the info I've given is about CCs only... I don't know much about the private schools or LVN-BSN programs since I'm not considering applying to either type and, thus, haven't done any research on them .

    As for seeing the counselor, most of these programs, generally speaking, want you to see a counselor for transcript evaluation to see if you meet the pre-reqs. Call the nursing departments of schools that you're interested in directly and explain your situation so they can tell you specifically what they would want you to do.
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    I have called all of those places you have mentioned except for long beach because they are not taking calls yet and they have all said that they require 1 year work experience or they aren't taking applications. I am becoming very discouraged.
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    I am currently at cypress startin th RN program next week and they do not require work experience but it is included in the point system so it's good to have. More importantly are your core sciences micro, anatomy and physio. If you have a chance check out the web site under cypress RN program- brochure-selection criteria it answers a lot of questions. Good luck
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    I have been trying to look at the LVN-RN brochure but every time I click the link it says page not found and I do not live in california right now and they don't take calls so I feel stuck with no information. I heard that the application period is only in september for both semesters but is that the case for the LVN-RN pathway too? I have all my required classes as well.
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    If you already have your LVN and need to bridge I'm not sure about the application process. I have no problem with the link on the Cypress College site. Do you call the main #714 484-7000?
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    I went to Cerritos. It was pretty tough on the LVNs because they expect they've got work experience to draw upon that will catch them up on the first year of the ADN they missed (which is all that initial bedside care and fundamentals, basic med passing). I'd say 10 were taken into our class and only five made it through the whole year. Those who didn't are repeating what they failed.

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