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  1. Im trying to find out some info on curam college. I know they are accredited to where i can get my lvn and work as an lvn but i want to use the college network afterwards to do my lvn to bsn bridge program. does anybody know if they accredited to where my credits from them would transfer so i can get my rn??? also does anyone happen to know the next nursing program date for charles a. jones i know they are supposed to have one this summer of 2013 but do we actually have a month, and a date for their next A&P course? id greatly appreciate ANY info. please and thank you!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
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    The College Network is not a school. You pay them for study guides to utilize in addition to or in lieu of school recommended materials. You are still responsible for any tuition, fees, costs required by the school that you enroll in to earn credits and a degree. Some of the College Network materials prepare you to challenge coursework by taking CLEP exams. There are a multitude of other resources that you can use to prepare for CLEP exams.

    The two main LPN-RN schools the College Network offers preparatory material are Indiana State University and Excelsior College (Excelsior has NO AFFILIATION with The College Network and recommends against accruing the additional costs by utilizing TCN materials). One major caveat, at this time neither the Excelsior College LPN-ASN/RN nor the ISU LVN-BSN program are acceptable to the CA BRN for licensure as a RN. Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware)
  4. by   vintagemother
    I highly doubt credits from any private school (or public) will necessarily transfer to a public school or any other school. I took classes at a different State University (Colorado) and have had the run around getting them approved at Sac State and ARC.

    Assuring that a school is accredited by the proper accrediting body does not necessarily mean that another school will accept the credits. Sometimes, even classes taken at a State and a UC don't transfer exactly, as each school is free to set their own requirements.

    The only guaranteed to transfer classes are those spelled out in a "guaranteed transfer agreements" between community college and State / UC Schools and classes specified as transferable on "" These are written, signed agreements between schools to accept certain classes.

    That being said, I'm in your area and there are a few other private LVN programs you may want to check out besides CAJ and Curam. Kaplan, Twin Rivers, Yuba's Sutter-One Stop, Unitek and Carrington. In Stockton, there's also Xaviar and one other LVN program, whose name I can't recall off-hand.

    One reason I chose not to attend CAJ is because they seem to never know exactly when their next program will start and they have a lot of prereqs. I chose an LVN program that incorporated the necessary classes into the program AND was a short duration.

  5. by   p0ptart
    thank you for your reply justbeachynurse. Yes indiana state is what i was talking about. There are 2 lvns at my job who said they are working on getting their rn through the online indiana state lvn to rn program, i dont know much about it but they said it was through the college network.
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    thanks for your reply vintagemother. Yea thats my current irritation with CAJ, they're very unstructured but they are cheaper and easier to get into than many of the other trade school lvn programs. Last time i checked twin rivers no longer had a program and i think kaplan and carrington were 30,000 to 40'000 where caj is opnly 20,000. which lvn program did you choose???
  7. by   JustBeachyNurse
    The program is on hold from ISU as per the CABRN. Students are not able to progress nor are they able to continue towards their BSN degree in California at this time. There were some serious issues in the way the program was being handled. Concurrent clinical rotations are required as well as a CA state school as a partner. ISU was partnered with Sonoma State but that partnership was dissolved last year for a variety of reasons. Therefore ISU cannot legally offer a nursing program in the state of CA at this point in time. There is a forum dedicated to the Indiana State distance learning program were you can read some of the current issues: Indiana State University Online Nursing Degrees

    Even with searching for an LVN program, please be certain to do your research, speak with current students, look at costs, hidden costs, transfer information, and graduation/NCLEX pass rates while you make a decision.
  8. by   p0ptart
    I didnt know this, thank you so much for the info justbeachynurse.
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    p0ptart: PM me if you want more info on specifics.
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