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Hey everyone! Well we made it mighty far and now we are done with pre reqs and on to applying! I am applying to the 2012 cohort and would like to invite everyone else that is applying to post here... Read More

  1. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    I got an interview to CSULB but I doubt I will get in. I barely made the interview list, let alone get in. That is my thoughts anyway. If I don't get into CSULB (more that likely) I would prefer to get into CSUSB. It may be far but its program is good and it is opposite of traffic to me. Hopefully since they let us know so late that a lot of people drop their acceptance.
  2. by   am90
    Quote from DarkBluePhoenix
    I got an interview to CSULB but I doubt I will get in. I barely made the interview list, let alone get in. That is my thoughts anyway. If I don't get into CSULB (more that likely) I would prefer to get into CSUSB. It may be far but its program is good and it is opposite of traffic to me. Hopefully since they let us know so late that a lot of people drop their acceptance.
    Aww, well I hope you get into a program! I'm sure you will. I hope everybody gets into a program actually. Everyone seems really competitive so I guess we'll just have to wait till July, which seems like forever from now. My friend went to the CSULB interview as well!
  3. by   Mikey B
    Hello everyone!

    I have also applied for the Fall 2012 Nursing Program, along with my girlfriend. Like most of you, we were very confused about how the program awards points towards the application process. We actually found out when we went to the transfer day that CSUSB put on a few weeks back. According to the woman who gave the presentation for the nursing session, this is how the points are awarded.

    Prerequisite GPA: 30 points
    TEAS Score: 15 points
    Group Advising Session: 1 point
    Bilingual Proficiency: 1 point
    Letters of Recommendation: 2 points
    County of Residence: 5 points

    Total Points Possible: 54 points

    So, based upon that, I made a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel that does a decent job of calculating how many points you'll receive based upon the above scale. I can email it to anyone if you would like it. Just send me a PM with your email. Also, I don't know how the points are given for residency, so if you don't live in San Bernardino or Riverside Counties, the spreadsheet will give you 0 points.

    Also, I saw there was some question as to whether or not community service/healthcare experience adds points. From what we were told during the presentation on the transfer day, there are NO additional points awarded for community service/healthcare experience but there may be in the future.

    Finally, for the bilingual proficiency, we were told that you have to have completed an intermediate level in college, have completed at least 3 years in high school, or have a letter from someone like an employer, clergy member, etc. stating that you are bilingual.

    That all being said, I'd like to share my stats with you. I won't list my girlfriends stats, since I do not have her permission, but she is about on par with everyone who has posted so far.

    My Stats:
    Prerequisite GPA: 4.0 (Pending completion of Microbiology in June; current 98.8% in the class)
    TEAS Score: 91.3%
    Attended the advising session
    Bilingual Proficiency
    Two letters of recommendation
    Living in S.B County.

    If my calculator is accurate, I should have 52.7 out of 54 points.

    I'm almost positive that I'll get in, but I'm very pessimistic. I have an unfounded fear that they'll deny me for some stupid reason, even though everything looks good and I'll have a squeaky clean background check.

    Anyways, best of luck to all of us and I really hope to meet some of you in person this fall!!!
  4. by   Spiffyness
    You are for sure going to get in! How many points would I have if I have Pre-req GPA: 4.0TEAS: 88.7%Letter of Rec (2)Bilingual (3 yr high school)No advising attendance/No resident of SB areaGosh 5 Pts for being in the area? You can do poorly on the teas or have a low GPA but live in the area and have the same chance of a 4.0 student who doesn't live in San bernardino! Csusb is my last choice though, but good luck to all!
  5. by   Mikey B
    Based upon my spreadsheet, which is NO way definitive, you'd have 46.3 points. From the averages they gave us at the transfer session, the average person ADMITTED to the program in Fall 2011 got a 3.61 GPA in the Pre-reqs and a TEAS score of 82%. If you assume that they got max points for EVERYTHING else. That would give them a maximum score of 48.3 points. Like I said before though, my calculator doesn't add in residency points for other counties, since I don't know how they may or may not be added.
  6. by   Spiffyness
    Oh I see. The average GPA and teas score arent super high, I think since most people don't want to wait till July to find out if they are in or not. All the other cal states let us know our admittance decision in April/May. Hopefully that'll give a lot of other applicants an open seat in case they don't get in anywhere else
  7. by   Mikey B
    Wow, that could actually help a lot of people out!
  8. by   Mikey B
    I didn't realize that I can't use the PM system yet, since I'm new. I still have to post 11 more times!! I can calculate your scores here if you want me to. Just let me know the follwing:

    Pre-req GPA
    TEAS Score
    If you attended the Advising Session
    How many (if you did) letters of recommendation
    If you are bilingual
    Your county of residence

    And remember, this is something that I developed and may or may not be accurate!! This is something that I developed to give my girlfriend and I an idea of where we might stand and I'm more than happy to share that with others!! If I don't get back to right away, please be patient.
  9. by   lnd0918
    Can you calculate mine Everything is on par except for my crappy teas score (which was RIDICULOUSLY hard lol)

    GPA: 3.92
    Teas: 80
    Attended advising session, submitted 2 letters of rec and a biligual proficiency letter. And I'm also currently residing in SB county.
  10. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Well well....someone has been keeping themselves busy! hahaha
    That is so nice of you to post that info up. When I went to the advising session way back last summer. They specifically said that it was 'too complicated' to tell us how they calculate whether we are in or not.
    So they actually released that information recently, I take it? Hmmm interestingly the county of residence is worth more than the info session and the TWO letters of rec combined times a few! Talk about ridiculous.
    Anyway, if you would calculate my points, it would be appreciated. I don't want to re-display them. They are on page 9 of this thread. I doubt I have much of any points, I don't even know if they will consider my high school foreign language. I wish they would, seeing is how I could not take 3 years if it wasn't offered for 3 years.
    Anyway, I honestly think you have a really, really good chance. You points are excellent, you will get in. Be positive.
  11. by   Mikey B

    From what I calculated, you should have a total of 50.4 points out of 54. Very nice!
  12. by   Mikey B

    I currently have a VERY dull job that quite literally has me sitting at a computer with little to nothing to do for hours a day so I have ample time to play with Excel!

    I calculated that you should have 45.4 if they take your bilingual, 44.4 if not. Honestly, you did VERY well. It's the county of residence that's killing you. They told us that the reason for this is because they want to keep people they train in the local area to serve the community, which is why there are so many points dedicated to that. And yes, they released this information recently when my girlfriend and I attended CSUSB's transfer day early March. It really wasn't all that hard to figure out though. You just needed the points value and from that you can calculate percentages of the available points based on your score. For example, an 88% on the TEAS would give you 88% of the 15 possible points.

    And thank you for your kinds words. I will be following this post closely in the coming months, but I have to go for now. I'm taking my mom out to dinner so I have to leave. Have a great night everyone!
  13. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    Thanks for calculating my points! is that a good enough score? ugh I am pretty doubtful.
    I can understand what they are saying about serving the community and all that bs. but my thing is, if there wasn't like 100's of 1000s of new grads being pumped out a year, and the non existant jobs, then that excuse doesn't work. There are plenty of warm bodies out there, are they really that picky? Idk...
    Anywho, we have a long time until we find out.
    Lets keep each other updated!

    Have fun taking your mum out for din din! ENjoy!