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    Anyone applying for summer/fall 2012? Anyone can comment about the program (graduates, current students)?


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    Bump. Anyone? Any past students who went through the program? Comments?
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    i'm applying. nice to meet you. have you read the previous year's thread? it seems that a 4.0 prereqs gpa is mandatory, and probably like a 3.7 for previous bachelor's. i don't know what else, i'm trying to scan for info on people that got in but not much other than 1 thread has shown up.
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    Nice to meet you too! I have, but i would love to have heard back from ppl who are now in the program and their thoughts. Do you think the type of major you had (whether it was a science based program or not) will have an impact on the way they perceive your GPA? I cannot believe there aren't more ppl on this forum applying to this program, really surprised. The fact that they only accept 18 for summer and 18 for fall tells me its an extremely competitive program and that they not only look at gpa but also work and volunteer experience. Do you know how much the program costs all together? What other programs are you looking into? Good luck!
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    Hi, guys!

    I took my application in to ABSN a couple of days ago. Would love to know the reviews of the program. I am also going to apply to MSMC Fall 2012, I really like there campus and the reviews of the program - but it is very pricey... Will apply anyways, I guess. I used to work as a caregiver many years ago, now volunteering in a hospital, but I barely started back in June this year, so I do not think I have a lot of experience in comparison with others.
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    Good luck!! Now the waiting game begins!
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    i'm a little late joining in on the discussion, but i applied to the A-BSN program too! i'm also curious to hear testimonials about the program from current or former students.

    best of luck to everyone!
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    We were asked to enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope to confirm the status of our application. I assumed this meant that we would be notified when our application is received and deemed "complete." Has anyone received their SASE in the mail? I haven't yet. Now I'm paranoid that my application didn't get forwarded to the correct department!
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    did you get an email that your application had been received at least?
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    from csumentor?

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