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Anyone applying for summer/fall 2012? Anyone can comment about the program (graduates, current students)? Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   happyperson2
    The letter I received was for the alternate list that stated if a space opened up, they would let me know. If you have questions about your letter, you should call the department...
  2. by   Binky16
    Hey guys! I'm new to posting and see a lot of you on this thread got accepted to csuns absn program for 2012. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your GPAs and work experience or volunteer experience. I have a BA from UCLA but my GPA isn't all that good (just over a 3.0) but my community college is 3.5 so I'm just wondering if they take the average of them all... I'm just wondering if I even have a shot at csun?!? Any info would be great, thanks,
  3. by   happyperson2
    hi binky - check your messages
  4. by   mimi21
    Hi everyone, I too am interested in the ABSN program at CSUN but I'm feeling discouraged as my Undergrad GPA is not very high (3.3). I'm wondering if anyone has gotten accepted or knows anyone that got accepted without a 3.5+ GPA. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  5. by   Unsunghero
    For those who have started the CSUN ABN program in 2011-present, can you provide prospective applicants like me, about your experience thus far in the program? how are classes? expecations? clinicals? test taking styles???

  6. by   futurenursecc
    Hi Everyone!
    I just found out about this thread today and I must say, I am happy to say that almost all of you guys got accepted. I hope to be one of you guys soon Just as Binky16 said in the previous post, I was also wondering what all the accepted A-BSN students' status were like regarding cumulative and prereq GPA. To double make sure, theres also no TEAS test required for this program? I hope to hear from one of you guys soon and hopefully you guys will leave a testimonial post to share some experience/tips and shed some light on us future nursing students as well

  7. by   Clouie19
    Hi Binky! Did you get an answer for your question? I am currently a UCI student and did not transfer over with a great GPA. My top choice is CSUN ABSN program.
  8. by   mrgershom
    Hi guys,
    I went through this CSUN ABSN program and have successfully found a job. Feel free to PM if you have any questions
  9. by   Clouie19
    If you can PM me mrgershom please PM me regarding your STATS and review of the CSUN ABSN program! Thank would be wonderful if you can give me some tips in succeeding in gaining admission to this program.
  10. by   SABCAL
    Quote from mrgershom
    Hi guys,
    I went through this CSUN ABSN program and have successfully found a job. Feel free to PM if you have any questions
    Can you share some information about hospitals accepting RN with no experience?
  11. by   drizoid

    I know this is really far in advance, but I wanted to make sure I squared away everything I could and there aren't even any sessions scheduled in the near future. Did quite well professionally (31 now) in non-medical field and completing my undergrad in psychology at CSUN this Spring '15. I've realized however that I have a passion for nursing (through a few personal life experiences + fiance is a nurse). I am a male as well, does that help (unsure if they have gender ratios to maintain)

    I will be applying this fall and wanted to seek some input from those that have applied/been accepted and if they could share some info!

    I work full-time as of right now and would not have an issue submitting my notice for resignation upon acceptance to an accelerated program (as this is the career I'd like to be in). I am taking my pre-reqs currently (science) while working full time and should be completed by December 2015 (Phys/Micro in fall).

    Current undergrad GPA: 3.98, Prereq (minus science courses) is at 4.0
    I have applied for a voluenteer position though don't think I can find the time to apply for CNA/EMT courses as I hoped to work in my current managerial role until potential acceptance.

    I was hoping to get the following information from those that have applied/been accepted:

    Did you have CNA/EMT experience? How many hours did you volunteer, and through who for direct patient experience? What was your pre-req GPA? (I have looked under previous forum posts, and some have listed, others private messaged those asking. I saw that CSUN lists the prereq average at 3.9)

    Also curious would letter of recs be best coming from employers/medical field personnel/professors? I could get great ones from CSUN faculty, but wanted to know how I should diversify them. Sorry, I'm a planner and with apps only coming once a year, wanted to try to strengthen my chances.

    Making a huge career shift to follow my love, great overall gpa (3.98) > 4.0 so far on prereq. No prior experience (worried about this.) -- and no EMT/CNA. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.
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