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Anyone applying for summer/fall 2012? Anyone can comment about the program (graduates, current students)? Thanks!... Read More

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    hey guys. i just found out about this thread. I also got in for cohort 10 (summer 2012). i was just wondering if anyone received the permission numbers required to enroll in the classes? best of luck to us.

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    Is there a facebook group for incoming cohorts (summer and fall 2012)?
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    I have the same question as aies101. I just recieved a notice about tuition for fall... but not for summer. Wondering whether or not anyone has received anything about classes and when we can sign up. I read in another post that a current student suggests us take epidemiology first quarter to take the load off of the following quarters.
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    hi mrgershom. I received the same letter regarding fall registration. I just emailed Ms. Joanne- I'll keep you posted. I was also checking the classes for epidemiology this fall but since i don't know our class schedule yet, I can't enroll the class.
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    isn't it kind of weird that we haven't paid anything and we are starting in a couple weeks?
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    ms. moreno said we'll get info about summer registration and books in our orientation on the 24th.
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    "when you come to the orientation you will receive the information to sign up for summer courses. although the solar may indicate fall tuition fees, those fees will be the same for summer. you will have ample time to enroll and pay before summer begins."
    that's the reply i got in an email
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    woohoo! I'm in
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    I also was wondering as well if there is a fb page?
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    @Happyperson2: Yes there is! CSUN ABSN (Cohort 10 +11).
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