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    anyone apply to csulb's MSN program for fall 2012? im wondering when we might hear anything about acceptance or how many spots they have available?

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    @ hjnurse: hello! i applied to csulb's MSN-FNP program for fall 2012, and still waiting to hear back from them. i could be wrong...but i thought i remembered from their information session that we'll know by may? or i could just be making stuff up in my mind ?! good luck!
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    hello yams012! i applied for PNP and i thought i remembered hearing may too, but then i wasnt sure that i was just assuming because may is usually the month that undergrads hear about their acceptance. hmm, guess we will have to just be patient. good luck to you too!
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    Hi everyone, I applied for FNP Fall 2012. I contacted Graduate Director Alison and she said sometime the end of May, but probably sooner. Good luck everyone!!
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    Can anyone give feedback about this program? Good/bad, quality of clinicals, instructors, organization? Do they help with clinical placement? Job placement for graduates?
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    Hello guys,

    I received an acceptance letter today for AGNP program for fall 2012. I came in to get some feedback about the program and school too. So far I heard good stuff but don't know the detail about the clinical placement, graduation rate, etc. Anyone heard about it?
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    I'm still waiting to hear back. Congratulations. I haven't heard much but rumor is CSULB received a huge grant for the nursing program. Ive met either Graduate coordinator and told me classes are offered twice a week, you can probably schedule all your classes in one day if you wanted to. Clinical placements she told me we can pick our own sites but they do have recommendations. Hope this works.
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    congrats kaamsi! ive received admission to CSULB but havent heard anything from nursing. is this the same for the majority of you guys? im guessing that i need to wait to hear from nursing before i accept or decline anything/register for classes right?
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    hjnurse I see what your saying. Im a bit confused. I see that I am admitted to CSULB. I received my registration date and financial aid info as well, but no official letter from the college of nursing. I was told we would not hear till the end of May, perhaps sooner from Alison.
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    I spoke to Alison the Graduate Coordinator and she said if you are accepted to CSULB, then you are accepted to the program. You should be receiving a letter from the School of Nursing in a matter of weeks with more details. She said orientation starts August 21.

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