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anyone apply to csulb's MSN program for fall 2012? im wondering when we might hear anything about acceptance or how many spots they have available?... Read More

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    @ rroxas, i think i may just go parttime as i dont have the option of going parttime at work. since i work nights i am going to try and take 2 of the afternoon/evening classes, probably econ and the theory of advanced practice. also i graduated from csulb with my bsn just last year and i personally think it has an awesome undergrad nursing program, its one of the best, very high pass rate...i havent heard much about the graduate program though, im hoping it will be just as good. are you planning on going fulltime? what have you heard about the MSN program?

    @ kaamsi, i can relate to you, i just graduated with my bsn and have only been working as a RN for 4 months, so going into a MSN program so soon with such little experience is very scary! have you for sure decided on csulb?

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    @hjnurse: Did you feel you were competitive to the MSN program without much experience? I wasn't sure if experience is the major factor they look at for their program since they did have a bsn-msn program that they had to cut due to lack of funding. Probably FNP is more difficult than the others? How long is the program for any of the NP specialties? Do you have to find your own preceptors?
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    @hjnurse I plan on going full time since its only 2 years. Lots of nurses who I work with now say they wish they did it full time. I am moving to California from Chicago, so I am starting fresh but I am going to try to find a part time clinic job or weekend position. I have not heard much about the program, but from others I was told it was good. For clinical placements, I was told they have people that help with finding clinical sites. However, if there is a particular place or area you would like to work at, they would then allow you. I noticed that all the classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that is very helpful and would work with your work schedule.
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    @danceluver the only things they look at for acceptance are your gpa and the pre-reqs, experience doesn't matter at all is what i was told. when i went to the info session they said about 75% get in for pnp and 50% for fnp. the information sessions are offered monthly on campus and they are really helpful, the csulb nursing website has alot of info too!

    @rroxas, ive been debating for awhile whether to go full or part time, i signed up for full time classes currently, i dont really want to be in school for another 3.5 years, and i think i remember hearing that getting a MSN is easier than BSN because we already know the theory, basic concepts, etc so its just building on what we know. and yeah im glad they help us find clinical placements! so have you decided 100% on csulb?
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    @hjnurse yes Ive decided on CSULB. I registered for all my classes on Tuesday, so that will be helpful if I find a job. The only classes I did not register for was research, human diversity, and health assessment. What did you register for? Now I am really excited. Now I need to find an apartment.
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    i signed up for econ and theory on tues and research and diversity on thurs, guess we will be having some classes together
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    Hi everyone! I also got accepted into CSULBs FNP program for Fall 2012. I wanted to know if you guys rec'd any other information in the mail. I talked to Alison, and she informed me that we should be receiving packets in the mail regarding the program this month.

    Also, how do you know which classes to sign up for? I am planning to attend school full-time, but wasn't sure if there was a certain curriculum we need to follow.

    Looking forward to meeting you all
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    Hi @sunshine_star

    I am going full time, I scheduled all my classes on Tuesday so I can also have the availability to work. Im taking 510,520, 560, and 540 (in that order). Yes I did received a small packet in the mail a while ago.

    Congrats! Sorry it took me a while to respond
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    Hi guys, i'm not sure if I saw- did you find out you were accepted by email? or snail mail? thanks!

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