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anyone apply to csulb's MSN program for fall 2012? im wondering when we might hear anything about acceptance or how many spots they have available?... Read More

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    Hi everyone! I also got accepted into CSULBs FNP program for Fall 2012. I wanted to know if you guys rec'd any other information in the mail. I talked to Alison, and she informed me that we should be receiving packets in the mail regarding the program this month.

    Also, how do you know which classes to sign up for? I am planning to attend school full-time, but wasn't sure if there was a certain curriculum we need to follow.

    Looking forward to meeting you all
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    Hi @sunshine_star

    I am going full time, I scheduled all my classes on Tuesday so I can also have the availability to work. Im taking 510,520, 560, and 540 (in that order). Yes I did received a small packet in the mail a while ago.

    Congrats! Sorry it took me a while to respond
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    Hi guys, i'm not sure if I saw- did you find out you were accepted by email? or snail mail? thanks!