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Hi! I think the CSULB School of nursing recently post new pool statistics including those who were chosen for Fall 2011. Knowing that the rating average is 8.91/10, that seems like a huge... Read More

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    Yeah I received them. It doesn't say to include our TEAS results in the packet, just says to send them through the ATI website. To do this you log in, go to "my results", then click the paper symbol with the green arrow under Purchase transcript to send your highest score to whichever school. Costs $25

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    Oh lol. Yea I figured as much. I sent the official ones to CSULA so I guess I will send more official to CSULB. So in the packet is just app, checklist and transcripts?Gosh so much stuff to do! I'm stressing!
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    Yup that's all you include in the packet.
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    I'm applying! And i'm realizing now, after reading all of your guys' comments, that i still have a lot to get done.

    So is this where we compare stats? I'm really excited to find out what i'm up against.
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    let see.....

    Science GPA: 4.0
    GE GPA: 3.5
    TEAS overall: 84%
    TEAS math: 90%

    That puts me at............drum roll...................................... 9.23 points!

    What about you?
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    I turned in my app yesterday. You only have to send your teas score from the ati website, not a hard copy.
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    too bad though. talk about expensive! glad CSUSB lets you send the print out and save you $$.
    I haven't turned in my app, i figure they will disqualify me in a about a couple of weeks anyway so i am not hoping for much. good luck to everyone else applying though!
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    Maybe you should call them and tell them about your situation so you don't waste $31 (TEAS score transcript + certified mail/return receipt) for the application. Or make sure that you're a valid applicant beforehand
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    Well if I do that then I wastes $55 app fee. I might as well at least try! They may not notice it. A good friend if mine who is currently in their EL-MSN program said to at least try and apply. I mean they would really have to LOOK to actually see it. Who knows, at least I tried
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    Oh I see. Yeah, for CSU Bakersfield I will be throwing away $55. Reason why I'm not applying is because theres a mandatory interview for all qualified applicants and I live about 2.5 hours away. Also, Bakersfield is in the middle of no where so it really would be my last choice. I planned to apply to CSUB before I took my TEAS and before the Fall 2011 semester, but I don't see the point because I have 6 other options before it and a decent TEAS score/gpa.
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