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Anyone applying for fall 2013? I saw recently that they changed something,but i cant exactly point out what it is. I think it might be the statistics prereq. They also have the applications due... Read More

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    No I haven't yet, but it's ok. I've been accepted to one school and have a really good chance of another since I know at least 1 person who declined admission and I am number 2 on the waitlist. CSULA isn't my top choice, but I still would have liked to have it as an option

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    sorry to hear no interview alyssag24. what is your top choice?
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    the eternal question: what to wear to a nursing school interview?
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    My top choice has always been either Samuel Merritt or the University of San Francisco. I would love to stay somewhat local and since I'm from Santa Cruz, those two are the closest for me. As for the interview dress attire, if it is not specified, it would be better to be over-dressed than under. So my best option would be to go as business professional, so like a pant suit or skirt/jacket combo. Good luck!!!
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    I agree with @alyssag24, better to be overdressed than under. I would say go with something formal but also show a little personality
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    I agree it's better to be over dressed than under
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    Does anybody know when the last interviews are/when we will hear back?! Getting anxious!!!
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    Hi jmlee, I am not sure about the last interview date but at the end of my interview I was told that we would hear by the end of the month!
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    Hey guys once you start hearing back let us know so we have an idea of when she started informing everyone.
    The waiting game is brutal, but we are almost there with finding out and starting to plan.
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    Okay, good to know! Fingers crossed! If anyone hears anything let us know

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