CSUDH MEPN - Fall 2013 Applicants

  1. 0 Hello everyone! I plan to apply to CSUDH's MEPN program in the fall of 2013 (for the cohort beginning in fall 2014). I am in the process of completing my prerequisites. I just thought I create this thread in case other applicants are interested in discussing various issues, such as the application process, why you're interested in CSUDH's MEPN program, your background (experience, undegrad institution, etc.).
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    Hey! I am very interested in the MEPN, as well. I am in the process of completing the prerequisites. Do you know what the incoming class profile looked like for Fall 2011?
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    No, I don't.
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    Are you familiar with the accelerated BSN program at National University?
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    I'm interested too!! I was looking at their homepage and didn't see anything stating about expiration dates for the sciences. Does anyone know if it's been changed?
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    Hello, I have applied for the cohort 2013. Just crossing my fingers to be called for the interview. They said they will start calling in a couple of weeks... As for the question about whether there is an expiration for the science classes.... There is none... Isn't that's great?!!!!
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    any update for CSUDH MEPN?
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    No not yet :-( I'm anxiously waiting... Did you apply?
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    I just got a call for an interview!!! Soooo excited!!! Does anyone know how many applicants they recieved for Fall 2013? I'm wondering if they interview everyone who applies if they meet the qualifications?

    Who else applied for 2013?

    And if you are wondering more about the program for 2014, I will try and keep you updated with more information as I recieve it!
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    I got a call on the 31st for an interview next week too... That makes two of us. Yay!! Congratulations!!!
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    Congrats [COLOR=#003366]Bh3byz !!!!

    I'm so nervous/excited/thrilled!!! I hope its not to long after the interview that we find out if we are admitted or not! They gave me the name of my interviewer, but I haven't met her before, just hope I make a great impression!

    Eeeeks so excited!
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    I just heard that they are interviewing 65 people :-(.. And they will pick 25.... I also heard that we should find out my early march..
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    ^^ Yes, I recieved e-mail verification that around 60 applied - so I guess they are interviewing everyone... except maybe a few who didn't meet the requirement....Thanks for letting me know they are picking 25 - I was wondering about that! We have a 38.5% chance of being admitted just for signing up. These are the best odds I have ever seen at any public nursing school!!!

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