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I was wondering if anyone was applying for Spring 2012? I have transfer orientation in June and I'm talking the Teas in June too. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time =)... Read More

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    I got an email this morning saying that we would get an email either tonight after 5pm or no later than tomorrow. SO CHECK YOUR EMAILS! Check spam and inbox. It also said to email ---- if you didn't hear by Tuesday.
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    I got my email a little while ago and I'm in
    Everybody should post when they find out!
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    I never even got an email!!! My best friend just got her letter, but is on the alternate list. I most likely did not get in.
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    Some other post said that if you got 62 points or higher then you're in because the last seat #80 had 62 points so good luck to you all
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    this is the 62 point information.

    dear bsn candidates,

    admission decisions and complete evaluations will be emailed to all applicants after 5:00 p.m. today through tuesday, november 29. please remember to check all of your email folders (inbox, junk, and bulk).if you have not received your admission decision by 5:00 p.m., tuesday, november 29, please email me at------with adm in caps in the subject line; and if available an alternate email address.we regret we are not able to respond to email or phone calls at this time.

    we received 243 applications for 80 seats. the candidate ranked number 80 has 62 points. it is too early to determine what the final point cut off will be, but historically 2 to 5 students decline in a spring term.

    important! if you are a new transfer student admitted for the spring 2012 term, and you plan to reapply for admission to the fall 2012 clinical nursing program, you need to enroll in at least one course at sacramento stateduring the spring 2012 term, or reapply to the university for fall 2012 admission by november 30, 2011. second bachelor candidates—this does not apply to you!

    we appreciate your patience and are working extended hours to bring you news as quickly as possible!


    california state university, sacramento
    school of nursing

    that's the word for word email update they sent out the day before sending out acceptance/rejection emails. it's about 1130..... everyone should have received something by now, and if not, hopefully your acceptance email just got lost. it does happen.
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