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Hello, I thought I'd make this thread for the new application group... even though it's a bit late since we have to all apply soon! Anyway! I want to apply for the Fall 2012 term but I had some questions. I am an current... Read More

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    Aren't most of the CSUs impacted? So that sucks for everyone who also applied for a backup school.

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    Where else did you apply Sirena? You so would have gotten in too! Just 6 units away from getting in eh?

    Of course they have no appeal process! And no matter who you talk to they are just going to let you rant and then say a half ass 'sorry' you didnt get in.

    This is exactly why I applied to ADN programs as a back up. Because if I did not make it into any BSN programs, and especially due to the zoning issue, (plus waiting one semester to a year) that the budget wont be miraculously fixed by next application cycle. Most schools wont allow repeats on pre reqs so no point in fixing your grade. CSULA only takes TEAS up to twice. So basically this school, and many others, you only have ONE shot of getting in.

    I want my BSN bad, but you know what? If I have to go through a longer process to get my ADN, well whatever then. Thanks to the state system, it doesn't leave us much of a choice.

    Sirena, I would apply to ADN programs, if I were you. There are a few that are left that you can still apply to. My school (Citrus College) being one of them. There are private schools too, but you wont want the debt!
    We wont give up Sirena, we will do this!
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    All of the CSUs are impacted! Where have you been? lol
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    There's also the option to get a degree in another major and then apply to accelerated programs. One of my friends got a C in chem and was discouraged. He/she switched to another major that only has 45 units to complete. They will be done in a total of 4.5 years (they switched after their 2nd year of college) and is thinking about pursuing nursing afterwards. Since accelerated programs are 1-2 years, he/she will get her BSN in 5.5-6.5 years which is pretty decent considering that I am in my 3rd year right now and if I get in will start the program during my senior year. I'm hoping to do a 2 year (csulb or csus) or 2.5 year (sdsu) program so I will be done sooner.

    My friend has also told me about this school: American career college. heres the link to it: American Career College | Health Care Training | Los Angeles, CA Area
    It's 13 months and I think you finish with an LVN. Tuitions a bit expensive for it, but if you don't want to wait it may be an option.
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    Why not take the teas again next app. period, take 7 or 8 credits more in a service area cc, and apply gain next year. In the mean time, try to add classes or work and make some money.. Idk just an option
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    DarkBluePhoenix- I applied to PCC and GCC, but I'm not going to hold my breath since they are both lottery based. You are right about the people in admissions. They couldn't care less and always tell me the same crap about the chancellor being the one who makes the rules. Whatever that means. I won't give up, but I am getting a little disillusioned with the whole process. It shouldn't be this hard. I've worked my butt off getting straight A's while working full time nights as a CNA and that should count for something. But I am determined and I know we will both get there eventually!

    I am already working on plan c. The whole situation with CSULA really burns me up if I think about it too long, so I prefer to focus on the future. I am going to take more classes in the fall to tip the balance of my credits to the service area cc and I will apply again next year. I am also going to apply to CSULB since I learned my lesson about putting my eggs in one basket. Unfortunately, I am going to have to retake anatomy since it will be expired by next year and I will also have to take another chemistry since the one I have didn't include an organic component. I am looking forward to the day I can look back on this and laugh!
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    I recently spoke with a CSULA Nursing representative and I have some good news. Maybe.So I assumed that CSULA looked at our adjusted individual score for reading and English, but in fact they look at out national percentile rank for English and reading which bumps me up to 26 points to a 27 So it's the national percentile rank NOT the adjusted individual score they look at.
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    **bumps my 26 points to 27 points**
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    I still have 25 points lol! I'm in the 89th percentile for one and 83th for another.
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    You sure? I think that gave me like 1 extra point. Making my crap shot score from 18 to 19. I did turn in my college algebra grade and I dont know if that increased my overall. Oh well. Not much of a bump but good enough.

    Thanks for the update though.

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