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Hello, I thought I'd make this thread for the new application group... even though it's a bit late since we have to all apply soon! Anyway! I want to apply for the Fall 2012 term but I had some questions. I am an current... Read More

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    I got some snail mail today... It's just the first page of the acceptance letter we got in the email.
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    Same here!
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    I got mine too. It looks so nice on official letterhead!
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    I didn't get a letter yet!
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    Nvm, I got it
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    Hello, I wanted to ask some questions about CSULA nursing program because I got accepted into the pre-nursing program. How long did it take to finish your GE? Also, how competitive is the nursing program, it I will be a student there. I will go to CSULA in the fall. Thanks
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    I say it was pretty competitve this applicant cycle. Dont quote me, but i think the cut off was around 21-22 points in terms of admission into the program. If you look on the csula SoN page you will see the break down of the point system. Use that as a guide on how to achieve the maximum number of points you can possibly get.
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    kosmic2003: Did you finish your GE at CSULA?
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    No pcc
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    I received an email saying that I am in the waiting list....
    Good relief yet still a bit sad.

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