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This thread is for those who are aspiring a seat in CSU Long Beach's School of Nursing for Fall 2010. We all know the current impaction of the program. We are all familiar with the challenging... Read More

  1. by   want to become nurse
    Congratulations Hai Kim!

    Wow thats a big achievement! I hope you are enjoying the program
    I am called for interview and am really scared about it.I applied to may colleges but this is the only one so far i have received answer from. Can you please advise on what the interview is like?
    Thank you very much and congratulations on your acceptance.
  2. by   want to become nurse
    Hello matthewandrew!

    I received the same email a few days ago for interview and am extremely happy and please about it, and at the same time extremely scared too. Can you please advise me on what the interview is gonna be like? will they ask you questions like "Why do you want to become nurse or why did you choose CSULB?". I really appreciate your suggestions.

    Thank you
  3. by   CA_BSN_Student
    I'm a first semester trimester student. I was nervous about the interview like you guys are right now. But honestly, the e-mail that was sent out explained the process pretty accurately. There will not be questions like "why do you want to become a nurse" or "why choose CSULB". It's not like a job interview ... it's an evaluation of your communication skills. Good luck & see you guys around!
  4. by   girl4nursing
    Hows the program so far for you? :-)
  5. by   CA_BSN_Student
    It's been good so far. I felt very positive after the nursing orientation and am still feeling that way. Supplies, textbooks, and uniforms will be pretty pricey, but at least most will be utilized throughout the entire program. Most classes are currently being held at LBMMC but that might change for you guys. The new nursing building should be furnished by then. All of my professors are really approachable and they all have decades of experience. Several professors either have a doctorate degree or is working on obtaining one. Some students took pharm and/or pathophysio already so life is a bit easier for them. But most students are taking 4-5 classes this semester so study load is pretty high. We're currently going through our first round of exams so we're under a lot of stress. But I feel like faculty members (at least the ones I've met) really care about us and genuinely was us to succeed. I was accepted into few other CSUs and I don't regret my decision so far.
  6. by   want to become nurse
    Thank you very much CA_BSN_Student! Thank you very much for the info, I really appreciate it. Now I feel a little relieved.Thank you once again for helping me out! I am hoping to get in.

    Best regards and Good luck for your exams
  7. by   girl4nursing
    Wow.. 4-5 classes is a full load especially if you work. Where is LBMMC?

    Thank you for you input!
  8. by   Little_RN2b
    Hi, those who were accepted for fall 2010, can you please tell me the gpa and the teas score you had. I am stressing out because I am applying now for fall 2011. I just want to see if I am compatible. Also, just wondering, does it ever happen if the university rejects you because your gpa is low but the nursing school accepts you?
    for instance my gpa right now its 3.5, I am applying now, I am afraid the university will reject me because my over all gpa is low. However, my pre-req for nursing gpa is 4.0.
    Just One last question lol: what did you guys use to study for tea (what book version)?
  9. by   girl4nursing
    I just did the interview today! I hope I make it! :-)
  10. by   Bcho86
  11. by   Malefocker

    Are you applying to the entry level masters program or the BSN? I am applying to the masters. I just took the teas got a 90 on it the study guide from ATI is all you need. Just got to atitesting.com and order the book. PM me if you have any other questions! P.S. love your name.
  12. by   ZAR963
    Hey Everyone -

    Just curious, do any of you know if LBMMC still offers that contract to CSULB nursing students: the stipend in exchange for 2 yrs of employment? I know they used to... and I know the stipend had then decreased substantially... I was just wondering if the offer still even existed. ha.

    I am going to apply for spring 2012... that is if they decide to accept transfers.. my score is 8.764.. which I know is right around the cutoff and probably impossible for a transfer to make it in - but I thought I'd try just incase they magically decide to accept unlimited transfers for spring. (wishful thinking )

    I've been on the wait list for SMC's ADN program since last year, and will hopefully be invited to start that program in Spring. I live 8 blocks away from their nursing campus, so if I don't get into LB it just means less of a commute in exchange for a BSN vs ADN.

    If I end up not yet getting invited to start SMC's program in Spring, I was thinking of just attending CSULB part time and reapplying for the nursing program in Fall, hoping to be a more attractive candidate, seeing as I will already be a LB student. What do you guys think?
  13. by   matthewandrew
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