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  1. by   Samantha315
    I applied also at COS in Visalia, and Fresno State. =) Where did you apply to?
    I'm in Stats and Philosphy now. But so far (fingers crossed for these two classes!) I've gotten A's in all the pre-reqs. except Nutrition. I got a C. =(
    For Bakersfield, I didn't take Patho yet, so there's that too. I got an..... 86? on the TEAS? I think. yeah. I think that was right.
    How about you?
  2. by   rh0shan09
    I'm from San Diego, and I got accepted to one of the community college here for the ADN for Fall. But I also applied to CSULB, CSU fresno, and Bakersfield. I got all A's in my prerequisite except my anatomy, I got a C. This was when I wasn't really sure I wanted to do nursing, now, I regret it. Anyways, I called LB and the cut off point was a 9.1 for fall and I had a 8.9 so I didn't make it. My teas was a 83.. Ugh I really don't know why they wait so long to tell us if we're accepted or not.
  3. by   critter55
    Lets see.. I applied to CSULongBeach, CSUSacramento, CSUStanislaus, CSUChico, CSUB, CSUFresno, and CSUChannelISlands. I allready know i didnt get into CSULB because I had a class in progress and they give you a C which dropped my GPA too low. Other than that I have all A's and will hopefully have an A in Phys too when im finished. I also have some extra point in work experience and other volunteer experience for CSUBAkersfield. The onlt thing that was a little low was my teas 82.7
  4. by   Melanie_661
    I have B's in Chem & Anatomy (taken many years ago). I got A B+ in Micro. I'm just about to finish up stats and I am confident that it will be an A. Physio is next quarter. I have A's in all other prerequisites. My TEAS score is 84. I am going to take it again this Saturday to try for a higher score. I have points for for being a continuing student at CSUB and volunteer work. I sure hope its all enough :l
  5. by   Samantha315
    EEEKKKK!!! I'm so nervous for ALL of us now! HAHA! At least rh0shan09 you've been accepted to an ADN, so that's at least a backup-backup-........backup?.......? haha!
    I'm hoping to find out about the ADN program (my 3rd backup ) in the next few weeks. They said we should know within 12 weeks. and tomorrow is the 9th week. so....... fingers crossed!!
    What are all of you hoping to get? Mel- you're already taking classes at Bakersfield, so that's yours right?, you said you didn't apply anywhere else? Critter- you applied EVERYWHERE! You're sure to get in! and rh0shan09, you're in the same boat as me! Fresno, Bakersfield and a JC as backup (I'm leaving out LB cause you said you missed the cut off). I'm hoping for Fresno first, that's closer for me than Bakersfield...
  6. by   rh0shan09
    I don't really care where I get accepted, as long as its a BSN program, i mean location is gonna suck either way since im from san diego! It's gonna be hard to beat that. LOL. I called both fresno and Bakersfield, and they said that acceptance letter will come out first week of July & I feel like that is soooooooo late! I mean by then all the dorms are gonna be gone/occupied. So are u guys gonna just get an apartment?
  7. by   Samantha315
    From what I understand (from stalking all the old posts) haha. Is that Bakersfield sends out a pre-ranking type email. In may. So you can see where you stand. And Fresno has a website that you can check the status of your application, you can check it after apps close.
    If you have classes still in progress, for both you may get a conditional admit, provided you pass. But yeah, official acceptance doesn't come till June or July. 8-/
    Why are you moving so far? Is there not a program closer to you that you like?
    I live within driving distance from both, although Fresnos closer by like 30 min I think. So I'm gonna commute. Ya know, husband, kids, the whole thing. Can't uproot their lives just for school. :-/
  8. by   Melanie_661
    Yeah, my friend got accepted last year into the fall BSN program at Bakersfield. She received an email of the tentative standings in May. She was way down the list. She had mostly B's, a few A's, and a 79% on the TEAS. She got her acceptance letter early August. She made it in because of others giving up their spots in favor of another program that accepted them. I understand what you mean, I have 4 kids and a husband here in Bakersfield.
  9. by   rh0shan09
    Samantha, there are programs that are much closer to where i live, one is SDSU, but i didnt apply cuz i have a C on one of my prereqs and they do not accept Cs on prereqs.. Next closest to me is CSUSM but i missed the app on that one.. Then CSULB and i didnt make the cut.. Bakersfield would be 3 hours away.. So im gonna need a dorm.. But im thinking if both fresno & bakersfield's official acceptance letter, all dorms are gonna be occupied, so i dont know what to do, if i do get accepted..&& i kinda have a feeling i will! LOL.
  10. by   rh0shan09
    I meant if both fresno & bakersfield official acceptance letter doesnt come out till late june/early july, then all dorm are gonna be occupied..
  11. by   cp0710
    Hello all,
    I applied to CSUB for the fall 2013 too!! For the ABSN program. I am SOOO nervous. I am retaking the TEAS at the end of March to try and get a better score because I got a 77% the first time so I really want to do better than that because I got a C in anatomy so my pre-req GPA is not the best. I hope we all get in and can be classmates in the Fall!!
  12. by   Samantha315
    August!? AHHH! Even MORE crazy! But awesome that she got in, gives hope!!! =)
    rh-you should look at maybe an apartment vs a dorm. I mean, that's just what I think, but dorms are expensive! If you can find someone else who's looking for a roommate, splitting the rent would be much cheaper! But again, dorms have food and stuff included in the rent.... so IDK....tough call.
    Hi cp! =) Good luck on the TEAS! I did really badly the first time, like 72? 75? something like that. the second time. I got an 86. Still not as high as others, but I was shooting for an 85. =) So now you know what to study! HAHA!
  13. by   cp0710
    Yep!!! I need to buff up on my life sciences lol, on the anatomy and physiology I got over 90% but of course all the physical science stuff from highschool I totally failed lol.

    Rh- If I get in, which I pray pretty much all day everyday that I do, I will need an apartment as well. I live in northern ca so I am in the same boat! According to their website, and some research of my own, there are a few apartments near by the school so I am hoping those are not too expensive?? I have never been to Bakersfield so I don't know anything about it except for what I have read online lol. Can second degree students even live in the dorms?