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I am applying for entrance to CSUB this fall. Anyone else out there?... Read More

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    Yes. I live in Bakersfield and I attend CSUB. It would be too hard for me to attend out of town.

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    Well good luck! =) I'm a nervous WRECK!!! haha! I can't believe we have to wait till the 22nd to hear anything?! Is there an emoticon for crazy? haha!
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    Hello guys, I also applied for Fall 2013..what other schools did u guys apply to? and what are your stats?
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    I applied also at COS in Visalia, and Fresno State. =) Where did you apply to?
    I'm in Stats and Philosphy now. But so far (fingers crossed for these two classes!) I've gotten A's in all the pre-reqs. except Nutrition. I got a C. =(
    For Bakersfield, I didn't take Patho yet, so there's that too. I got an..... 86? on the TEAS? I think. yeah. I think that was right.
    How about you?
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    I'm from San Diego, and I got accepted to one of the community college here for the ADN for Fall. But I also applied to CSULB, CSU fresno, and Bakersfield. I got all A's in my prerequisite except my anatomy, I got a C. This was when I wasn't really sure I wanted to do nursing, now, I regret it. Anyways, I called LB and the cut off point was a 9.1 for fall and I had a 8.9 so I didn't make it. My teas was a 83.. Ugh I really don't know why they wait so long to tell us if we're accepted or not.
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    Lets see.. I applied to CSULongBeach, CSUSacramento, CSUStanislaus, CSUChico, CSUB, CSUFresno, and CSUChannelISlands. I allready know i didnt get into CSULB because I had a class in progress and they give you a C which dropped my GPA too low. Other than that I have all A's and will hopefully have an A in Phys too when im finished. I also have some extra point in work experience and other volunteer experience for CSUBAkersfield. The onlt thing that was a little low was my teas 82.7
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    I have B's in Chem & Anatomy (taken many years ago). I got A B+ in Micro. I'm just about to finish up stats and I am confident that it will be an A. Physio is next quarter. I have A's in all other prerequisites. My TEAS score is 84. I am going to take it again this Saturday to try for a higher score. I have points for for being a continuing student at CSUB and volunteer work. I sure hope its all enough :l
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    EEEKKKK!!! I'm so nervous for ALL of us now! HAHA! At least rh0shan09 you've been accepted to an ADN, so that's at least a backup-backup-........backup?.......? haha!
    I'm hoping to find out about the ADN program (my 3rd backup ) in the next few weeks. They said we should know within 12 weeks. and tomorrow is the 9th week. so....... fingers crossed!!
    What are all of you hoping to get? Mel- you're already taking classes at Bakersfield, so that's yours right?, you said you didn't apply anywhere else? Critter- you applied EVERYWHERE! You're sure to get in! and rh0shan09, you're in the same boat as me! Fresno, Bakersfield and a JC as backup (I'm leaving out LB cause you said you missed the cut off). I'm hoping for Fresno first, that's closer for me than Bakersfield...
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    I don't really care where I get accepted, as long as its a BSN program, i mean location is gonna suck either way since im from san diego! It's gonna be hard to beat that. LOL. I called both fresno and Bakersfield, and they said that acceptance letter will come out first week of July & I feel like that is soooooooo late! I mean by then all the dorms are gonna be gone/occupied. So are u guys gonna just get an apartment?
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    From what I understand (from stalking all the old posts) haha. Is that Bakersfield sends out a pre-ranking type email. In may. So you can see where you stand. And Fresno has a website that you can check the status of your application, you can check it after apps close.
    If you have classes still in progress, for both you may get a conditional admit, provided you pass. But yeah, official acceptance doesn't come till June or July. 8-/
    Why are you moving so far? Is there not a program closer to you that you like?
    I live within driving distance from both, although Fresnos closer by like 30 min I think. So I'm gonna commute. Ya know, husband, kids, the whole thing. Can't uproot their lives just for school. :-/

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