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COC Fall 2012

  1. 0 Hi! I'm starting this thread for people who are starting the RN program at COC for Fall 2012. I'm so excited i was chosen and can't wait for the orientation and to finally begin the program.
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    Moved to CA Nursing Programs for more response.
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    I was accepted, too! Yippeeee! There is another thread that others have added onto regarding COC Fall 2012. They have posted on an old thread from last Spring. Anyway, hope they find this one! Wish the other nursing programs would send out the acceptance/rejection letters, too. Really want to know, for sure, where I will be in the Fall! But hey, at least we have COC!! Congrats to us!
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    Yeah really!! Its been a rough road to get here and im just happy to be starting already. I feel like i should start studying something! Lol!
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    Ooohhhh....just pouring over the Blackboard orientation materials! Good thing I already got lots done through my volunteering and CNA program application. But, geez, still gotta make sure everything is up to date! What I really want to know is what the schedule is like! And I know what you mean, I drive around thinking, "I need to study!" when there is nothing to study for right now. Haha!
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    I got accepted too!!! I am so excited...and nervous! To think- I almost chickened out on taking the TEAS. I didn't even imagine that I would get accepted for this upcoming semester, but I am so thankful
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    Hello all and congratulations. Just wondering how you heard from COC. Was it by letter or email?
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    I just printed out all the Orientation material, its a lot of paper! @DarleneH i got my acceptance through email. I work with an RN who graduated last june and she said the program was 3 days a week, it was a really great program and involved a lot of paperwork. Judging by the amount of paper i printed for the Orientation i think shes right!
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    @Kmadrid Thanks for the reply. I got an email as well. But mine did not actually state "you've been accepted". But it also doesn't say I was denied or am an alternate. However it does have the link for the Orientation material. I don't want to get my hopes up- but I think it's safe to say I'm in.
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    @Kmadrid, thanks for the schedule info! 3 days a week? Does that include clinicals? If so,I can live with that! @ DarleneH, my email said, "Congratulations!! You have been selected for the College of The Canyons nursing program beginning Fall 2012." Hope yours says the same. :-)
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    Yeah, she said one day is theory, and two days of clinicals, but 1st semester may vary. This would be a perfect schedual for me too. @ DarleneH My email said Congratulations that i was selected for this fall, but if they gave u orientation material u should have a really good chance!
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    I was also acceptated for Fall 2012 and am super excited!!!! Can you believe how much stuff we have to get done in the next 30 days? I also want to start studying or doing something productive towards nursing school... I wish the semester was starting sooner I hope to meet all of you on Friday at orientation. Oh and am I the only one that is thrilled the uniforms are white top and blue bottoms? I so didn't want at white on white uniform... silly I know.... but still thrilled
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    @37 i like the uniform too, i just dont think ive ever spent $45 on just one scrub top, i hope the uniform irons itself or something Lol! I am soo ready to start, i was accepted to the lvn program at AVC so i have a lot of the stuff done i just hope COC will accept it.

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