City of Hope New Grad 2013 App

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    Has anyone applied to City of Hopes New Grad program for the February 2013 cohort? The application is due today, and I can't seem to find the app online. Anyone care to direct me to the right place?
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    It was in the careers section when I applied a couple of weeks ago.
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    If you look on the website at the program dates, it says the February program is closed now.
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    Guess I'll stay "on file" then. LOL
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    I'm "on file" too. LOL!
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    I think closed as in not taking apps anymore.
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    Hey everyone!! Just wondering, have any of you applied or heard from City of Hope's new grad program? I didn't see a thread on it here yet so I thought it would be nice to have one started!!
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    lol I'm on file too! If anyone's status changes, I hope they post here so we know if we're just staying on file.. hehe
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    Ya that's what mine said.
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    Merged the two City of Hope threads. Good luck to everyone who is applying!
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    I attended City of hope's open house in november, and was told that they will start notifying applicants of their interview status on December 15! But that's a Saturday... so maybe they threw that out as an estimated date. haha good luck to us all! remember to keep our phones by our side that day/week! Please let us know if you get a call so we know their progress on the interview process!
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    Thanks for the info!

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