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Hi, Has anyone applied to City of Hopes New Grad program for the February 2013 cohort? The application is due today, and I can't seem to find the app online. Anyone care to direct me to the right place?... Read More

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    Merged the two City of Hope threads. Good luck to everyone who is applying!

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    I attended City of hope's open house in november, and was told that they will start notifying applicants of their interview status on December 15! But that's a Saturday... so maybe they threw that out as an estimated date. haha good luck to us all! remember to keep our phones by our side that day/week! Please let us know if you get a call so we know their progress on the interview process!
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Yes, thank you!
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    8 open spots, 8 internals. if any externals are contacted near the December 15th deadline, please share! But from what I was told, externals aren't even being reviewed or seriously considered until further positions are opened, which is indefinite but may open in a month.

    Though, I'm curious if anyone else has received other information or possible offers?
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    A friend was contacted last week for an interview. She has a connection. She is not an internal. I have no other information. I really want to work there...
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    So disappointing! but please do let us know if you're an external who received a call! It would give us a little hope that we may still be considered!
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    Good luck to all of you! I went through City of Hope's new grad program. It's a great place to work. I know they no longer hire ADN's, so if you're an ADN and you applied, you'll automatically be rejected. I also know that some of their current ADN's are working as PCA's to get their foot in the door, so that may be where the internal candidates are coming from. They are trying to go Magnet, but I am not sure of the status on that. Beautiful hospital, great staff and patients (at least on my floor). Keep trying and good luck!
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    Interesting. I'm actually an external, and I interviewed/toured with the NR. Though like I said, I'm not even close to being considered since they don't know where to put the 8 internals they currently have. The NR also gave me some insight into their current hiring situation, and it looks as though I'm mandated to look elsewhere. An exceptional NR, though.

    But as previously stated, there is hope to hold on to for the next month or even the weeks before the program actually starts. The facility is absolutely amazing and I envy anyone who gets an offer! Good luck everyone!
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    NewGrad0512 - did your status on the website changed from being "On File"?

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