CHLA Summer New Grad 2012 opening now!

  1. 0 Hot off the press from my friend's who is already there.

    Starts today......good luck everyone!
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    Just finished mine!
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    Just finished mine too!
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    did i miss a part of the resume where you can upload letters of recommendation?
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    I think letters get mailed in later.
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    My application packet was emailed to me today! It's all filled out now and ready to go.
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    Same here! Good luck to all!
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    This cohort's packet now includes an essay. Guess this is their way to limit the number of applications they need to go through.
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    Sugarlips, by essay are you referring to that 500 word letter of intent? Is that something new?
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    Yes, per my last packet, this is a new item to separate the herd.
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    Hi to all!

    I'm planning to apply for the March 2013 cohort. I read that there's a letter of intent as part of the application. I would like to know is they give you a question to be answered in the letter of intent and, if yes, what do they ask. I will appreciate your response. I hope any of you got a job at CHLA

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