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    So I'm finally done with all my prereqs for Fresno State's nursing program. I managed to keep a 4.0 prereq GPA but my only concern is that I only scored a 76% on the TEAS (I didn't have time to study for it since I was trying to keep up with micro, physio, & nutrition) Minimum score to get in is a 75% (I know, so close!) So how much does the TEAS score factor in when it comes to determining who gets in & who doesn't?

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    Hi there! I am a second semester nursing student and wanted to tell you that in my experience, it was more based on the GPA then the TEAS scoring. Each school may be different and each school of nursing has different scores for the TEAS ( at least I think). I, too, at a 4.0 when I applied for the program and I believe I only scored a 78 on the TEAS; but I was on the top priority list and got in So don't sweat the TEAS scoring! Good luck and let us know if you get in!
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    Thank you! That makes me feel so much better! Friends have told me that if I don't get in, then the rest of them are SOL! LOL Decisions will be made by late June, early July. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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    hi I don't attend that school, but the bsn program I got into only accepted 40 out of about 150, my teas was a 74 my science gpa was a 3.1 and my overall was a 3.0. The people whom I was competing against had extremely high gpa's. My point is to pray on it and let it go. I felt I had no chance at getting in, but I did not stress it I knew if it was meant I would have a spot. I will be graduating in may 2013. Stay positive and everything will work out for the best. Good Luck!!!!!!
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    It depends on your state selection process. I scored a 78 on my test which is HESI, with a 3.52 GPA and I got it. I was cutting it very close though. You did good, just cross your fingers.
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    I got in!
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    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You will be graduating before you know it
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    Thank you for this! I appreciate your perspective! I recently applied to a BSN program with roughly the same GPA and have just had to pray and believe that if it was meant to be, it will be!
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