Centinela Hospital Medical Center Nurse Experiences

  1. I want to begin a thread here where nurses who have had work experience at this hospital can share their opinions tactfully to give others an idea of what working in the hospital might be like. This is information for students sending applications, new hires, registry workers, travel nurses, etc. Please be respectful and do not list names. Please only refer to your own experience and specialty.

    I want to begin this trend for other hospitals. So if you work somewhere else, please start a thread and tell all.
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  3. by   jelly221,RN
    I'm curious to see what anyone has to say about this as well- especially in the ICU. OP, could you share your experience?
  4. by   gwafuh_rn
    i worked at centinela as a registry nurse.i worked at their telemetry unit.the work was easy because you only have 4 pts with 1 tpc.its a fast pace because once you discharge a pt,you get a new admit.
  5. by   Ganosah2008
    Do they have a new graduate program or do they train new graduates? Does anyone have information on the ED or ICU?
  6. by   sc85
    My wife is considering going to work at Centinela as a CLS, however, after reading very poor patient reviews online and hearing very negative comments about the service at the hospital from a friend of mine who is a long time resident of Inglewood, I am concerned about whether the employees are treated as poorly as the patients. Any feedback from someone who works there now or in the past?
  7. by   MPH to FNP
    I would like to hear more about working conditions at this hospital as well.
  8. by   jelly221,RN
    OK, I've been working here for almost 4 months now and I really enjoy it. I think it depends a lot on the floor you're on, but we have a really great team. Of course we have the issues that go with every hospital- personality conflicts occasionally, small frustrations with administration not always being in touch, etc. I worked at another hospital in the area that has a very good reputation, and I honestly have to say that I prefer the atmosphere on my floor to most of the floors at the other facility.

    The pay is about $3-4/hr lower than other hospitals in the area, so it adds up, but as a new grad, I'm stoked to have a job on a floor that I love with great people around me. We're pretty well known for hiring a lot of new grads, but the turnover is high, mostly because of pay. There isn't a formal new grad program or residency, just 6 weeks of orientation on your floor with a preceptor. That was perfect for me, especially after talking to my friends who are in residency programs like Versant who say that a large portion of the classes are boring and not relevant or beneficial to their nursing practice.

    Re: complaints about customer service- again, this depends on the floor. I've heard a lot of comments, and they are overwhelmingly positive, except ER. I haven't spent any time there, so I can't speak to that. We do have a new patient satisfaction coordinator though.

    Hope that helps, I'm trying to not get too detailed.
  9. by   Nurzelady
    What floor do you work on?
  10. by   santo61
    I work on telemetry day shift. it is a rat race there are days i had two discharges and two admissions. patient ratio is 4:1 in general new grad and other nurses are very helpful but some CNA's monitor tech and secretaries who work their long time make you feel they own and run the place you better watch out.
  11. by   knufflebunny
    I've been applying to several positions at this hospital and haven't gotten a call back yet. Should I call HR to follow up? Should I walk in personally to turn in a resume and possibly meet the nurse recruiter? Any advice will be much appreciated!
  12. by   spring2012
    I am apply for Centinela. does anybody know what type of questions they will ask on the interview? if you do, please let me know. thank you so much
  13. by   spring2012
    I want to add one more thing. i am apply for telemetry unit
  14. by   spring2012
    I am apply for telemetry too. do you remember any questions that they ask you on the interview. thanks