Can relatives work together: same unit/ same shift? Can relatives work together: same unit/ same shift? | allnurses

Can relatives work together: same unit/ same shift?

  1. 0 I plan on applying to the unit my aunt works on. On the application, it asks if I have any relatives working there, and if so, what unit. By listing her, would I not be able to work there? TIA
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    My husband's cousin and aunt works on the same unit. They were both secretaries. As far as I know, the management will not place you on the unit when either one of you will be under the supervision of the other. Example: head nurse and a staff nurse on the same unit. Rules varies from unit to unit or per hospital. Better ask human resources as well about it for more info.
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    Varies greatly between facilities, always check with the HR dept where you are considering.
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    At the assisted living facility the lead caregiver and the "regular" caregiver are sisters and work the same unit and shift.
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    At a hospital that we did clinicals at there were twin sisters that worked the same shift,different units tho,I never saw them on the same unit together. But they made sure the same days so that they could car pool with each other.
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    I work with two sisters that are in the same unit, but on different shifts.

    Have also worked with husband and wife teams in the same unit, but they could not manage the other. Both in the staff nurse role.

    Again, each facility has their own rules in place, so best always to check with them right from the beginning.