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I am sure this has been asked before and mentioned previously and is probably akin to beating a dead horse with a stick, however... I am absolutely confounded, miserable, and at a loss as to what to... Read More

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    It's Monday! And guess what?! I had to call them! It was getting to 4p and I know everyone leaves around 430/5p and I hadn't received a call yet...
    I guess they didn't find what they're looking for because - I'M STILL SUSPENDED!!! But they promise to call me tomorrow.
    Please excuse me as I run around in a panic as I watch my paycheck dwindle to nothing.

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    You need to take this to the union. They cannot suspend you with no reaon given.
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    Quote from loriangel14
    You need to take this to the union. They cannot suspend you with no reaon given.
    OP previously mentioned that the suspension had something to do with a patient who had been noncompliant.
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    Union was AFK yesterday. Will try again today. T-T
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    Ok. It's official union said it was too legit. They can't touch it and I was fired today. And I'm still short on my paycheck! Sigh.
    I'd just give up but now that I am jobless, I need that money for resume paper and gas.
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    What was the reason you were suspended/fired? Several people here have asked you, and you still haven't answered.
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    Someone else had answered the question for me. But I was told due to not reporting non-compliant pt to DON. But they fancied it up, of course, and dragged in a number of other things.
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    That's ridiculous.Your union should have fought for you.

    Well you are better off not working at a place like that.Best of luck looking for work.
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    Thank you. I'm trying not to let it get me down.
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    I thought so too. Thank you for your support. I'm chalking it up as a learning experience and hoping I find a new job soon.

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