Cal State Univ, Northridge Accelerated BSN (A-BSN) 2013

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    Hey guys! Are there any individuals here applying for CSUN's ABSN program for the Summer/Fall 2013? I'm currently applying and would love to hear from those who are into this as well. I'm still finishing up my prerequisites this Fall 2012 but I'll be submitting my application soon. Just reply to this topic to share/discuss anything about the application process...hopefully we all see this to the home-stretch next year
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    Anybody hear anything from Admission Office?
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    According to the last informational session I attended, -------------(the speaker) said that the admissions committee will look at the applications around January of next year, so I guess we all just have to wait.
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    Hey fellow ABSN hopefuls!

    @SABCAL: On my CSUN portal it shows that I have applied to the 2nd Bachelors program and that my preliminary transcripts have been received. Besides that, nothing else yet from admissions.

    Best of luck!
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    Hi AbigailRose! Yeah, that's pretty much what my CSUN portal shows too, and that they have received my application. My heart is literally pounding in my chest both because of anxiety and excitement
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    @ReaperX: I know just how you feel! I take it CSUN is your top pick? Did you apply anywhere else?

    I just checked my portal and it says "You have been provisionally admitted to CSUN." From the CSUN ABSN 2012 thread another applicant said this probably means I have been accepted to CSUN, but not the Nursing Department at this point. So....halfway there right? Ha!
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    Actually, CSUN is my only pick lol I wish I could've applied to other schools, but the ABSN is more "practical", and cost-effective, for me at least.

    That's what it says on my portal too...I've checked the CSUN's Nursing website and the FAQs there, and it says that we'll be notified around late Feb/March But according to those early threads here, they received confirmation e-mails that their application has been received around this time!

    Can't do anything about that, though, except wait. *sigh*
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    just checked online. it still says "We have received your application."
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    Hi nextway55! That's pretty much what we have posted in the portal...nothing so far from the Nursing dept.
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    i also saw the info as below. Is that normal to you too?

    But I already sent 2 sets of the updated transcripts of Fall 2012 to Joanne early this month. I don't know if she hasn't forwarded to Office of Admission ( that's why it still shows incomplete task). I wrote email to ----------- to confirm if she received the transcripts but she replied due to many applications at this time, they are unable to confirm. Sigh. But I think that we need to get admitted from Nursing Dept first ( which is more important) and later University admission. Correct if I am wrong.

    ================================================== =====================================

    Incomplete Tasks

    Admissions Preliminary College transcript(s) has been received. Final transcript(s) is required with final grades by the date listed below.

    [COLOR=RED]Due Date: 08/16/2013

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