Avanti Hospitals New Grad Program 2013 - page 2

Avanti hospitals (East la, huntington, Memorial hospital of gardena, Coast plaza) Anyone here got an interview already? or maybe someone that knows their hiring process for new grad? any updates? thank you!... Read More

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    @TeleNurse22 Thanks for the info! I think the contract is for a year. btw, anyone here know when the program starts? thank you!

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    The program starts end of march. If selected you will have to do all the pre-employment screening and stuff mid-march! Good luck!
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    I had a panel interview last week. They told me they wouldn't be making call backs until the first week of march for a program start the last week of march. I was also told that they were interviewing for all 4 hospitals and all specialties but you are not guaranteed where you will be if chosen even though they do ask your preference. I don't know about you all but I will take anything I can get!!!! I just want to start my career already!
    goodluck everyone.
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    @ kit how was your interview?
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    Quote from ll86
    @ kit how was your interview?
    @ll86 it was good. They were super nice and I was more nervous then I should've been. I'm really hoping this works out!!
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    anybody else get an offer today??!
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    any updates anyone?
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    anyone got a call from any hospital?
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    They offered positions about 2 weeks ago. Last week was pre-employment stuff and I'm still waiting to get an orientation date.
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    How long did you guys make your personal statements? Also, who are the letters of recommendation supposed to be addressed to? I tried calling Human Resources, but they aren't too helpful and one lady was just borderline rude.

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