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I just wanted to open up this thread to see if anyone else is applying for Sacramento State's ASBSN program (set to start in Fall 2009)? I'm currently waiting to see if I'm one of the lucky 20 who will start in the fall. ... Read More

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    We were told in November that the accelerated program was being absorbed into the regular two year BSN program. We applied for twenty seats in the fall and twenty seats in spring. The program is therefore no longer accelerated due to budget cuts. I beleive students with bachelor's degrees are still welcome to apply to the regular BSN program.
    So to be clear we did apply using a different process. We took the GRE for example instead of the TEAS. But, it seems we are the last group who will be admitted under those different standards.

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    I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with the night clinicals for Sac State at UC Davis. I signed up for clinical group #8, which has a clinical from 6:30-10pm on Monday and one from 5-10 on Tuesdays. I understand that theres lots of prep work to do before clinicals, but I'm not sure what to expect with the clinical being broken up into two sections like mine.
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    Also, following Dude_nurse's suggestion, I've created a yahoo group so we can further get acquainted and organize ourselves once school starts in August. He mentioned that a yahoo group would be useful for posting study guides and other files that will help us get through the frenzy of nursing school. Feel free to join and spread to other allnurses threads regarding CSUS Fall 2009 nursing too!
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    hey everyone; sorry for the missing link; I didn't realize posting it was a TOS violation. PM or email me if you want it now, but I've sent an email out to the program administration and hopefully it will be forwarded to everyone soon.
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    Does csus require letters of rec to those who applied for the ABSN? I looked all over the website and could not find the answer.

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    Hi discostew,

    CSUS did not require letters of rec for their ABSN program, but they did ask us for the emails/telephone numbers of three references. Unfortunately, due to the California financial crisis, the ABSN program is no more and has been absorbed into the regular 2 year BSN program instead of being it's own 1.5 year program.

    However, it is my understanding that the BSN program is still accepting 2nd bachelors students. However, they require the TEAS and not the GRE that we took. I don't think the BSN program requires letters of rec, but you may need to present documentation for some of their "optional criteria" points like volunteering in a health care setting, being bilingual, etc.
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    Hey Sacramento Nursing Students! congratulation for being there already!!!
    By any chance, do you have a few minutes to describe how is you life so far? Hope you are alive and well!!!
    How do you like your program? I am currently taking NURSE 168 - I love the teacher and I met another one that teaches 3rd semester and she is also great. Are all of your teachers that good? Hopefully I am starting the program in Spring 2010. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

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