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I'm just curious! I'm just starting (at the ripe 'ol age of 35, LOL!) looking into a career in nursing. I've worked in hospitals and clinics doing medical transcription for years and years, and way... Read More

  1. by   kawaiinomiko
    Hey ronneep, I believe with the MJC nursing program (don't quote me on this) that you are able to defer once. This may or may not use up your 'get out of jail free card' for if you don't pass a course or fail the math test they give each semester. I'm not sure what their current rules on deferment are, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to ask general questions about this option with the nursing office. They would be your best source of advice, and I know you wouldn't be the first person to defer a semester. Life happens and sometimes the timing's just off a little bit. Good luck in your decision, and at least you have to great options to choose from. =)

    Congrats waitn4eternity, I'm glad to hear the good news that you passed and can now catch up on your sleep! I've taken three practice exams and I've passed each one, but I wish my scores were a bit higher. It's just hard to recall all the details from all those science classes! <=) Which study guide did you use for the test? How long did it take you to complete the test? Did you have extra time to go back and review any questions? Sorry to bug you with all the questions, but my turn is coming up soon!
  2. by   waitn4eternity
    Roneep - your BS could help you get a nursing job after you finish the program... could you double up on classes this fall and graduate early..i took 27 units once, so that I could graduate at the same time as my friends. If MJC lets you defer one semester then I say absolutely yes finish it because once your done with the nursing classes, it will be hard to go back! Or so I have heard. Here might be another option enter nursing school this Spring and take courses at CSU Stanislaus and finish up there...or even try summer classes. There is no greater feeling than to walk down that aisle and recieve your diploma! Whatever you choose I'm sure you'll be fine.

    Kawaii I finished the test with like 15 minutes to spare. If you a certain amount of time to do each section. So lets say your finished with your science early and want to go back and check your math, it will not let you go back. I ended up not getting a study guide...I'm a procrastinator and knew that if I went shopping to find a guide I would waste one day of studying. I studied the glossary in my anatomy & physiology book, as well as searched online anything related to teas science. I feel my two days of studying the science greatly helped me! It took me about three hours to finish the whole test...and time flew by!!! Time yourself well during the math if it takes you longer than 4 minutes on anyone problem...then I say just choose the one that looks the best and move on. There were some math problems I knew I could figure out, but didn't have the I just guestimated!
  3. by   ronneep
    Thanks everyone! Your advice and comments definitely helped
  4. by   kawaiinomiko
    Well I took my TEAS on Tuesday and passed ... *phew!* :spin: So glad to have that over and done with. I'm starting to think I have a seriously low chance of getting into Spring, though, with the updates we were given right before the test. Apparently, after they sent out the acceptance letters they got their budget cut and lost fifteen spots. I'm not sure if that's fifteen each semester or total, but in any case they had to do a lot of juggling to get things ironed out and I think they're still working on it. The proctor said most of us realistically won't know what our chances are until some time in October. She also said you never know if you get a call right before spring starts because people may have to back out at the last minute so you never know. As for now, I'm just going to plan on not getting in this time so I can move on with my life these next couple of semesters. Best of luck to you guys, I really hope you get in! =)
  5. by   ronneep
    Anyone hear anything? I have yet to hear whether I'm in for spring or not. I wonder when we will find out. Also wondering if the lady that told us our chances were good, if she knew about the spots being lost due to budget cuts or if she found out afterwards and it's going to affect our positioning!
  6. by   kawaiinomiko
    They told us we would hear something in October, but I would give the nursing office a call and tell them your situation. I know others have been calling trying to figure out what's going on, and hopefully they would be able to tell you something. I hope it all works out for you, good luck! <=)
  7. by   Jayyshi209
    Hello Everyone ! I signed up a few months ago to this site but am just kinda getting anxious b/c I also received the letter that I am Top 60 on the wait list....When I spoke to the lady handling the waitlist she told me I was towards the bottom (#56) ; / but that they had already accepted 50 students, she said my chances were dependent on how many people turn down spots and how many people fail first semester (b/c they get the opportunity to repeat) all in all she told me I have about a 70% chance of getting in, I have already taken my TEAS and passed, I am just wondering if any waitlisters have gotten their letters or phone calls?? She said its a real possibility I get a phone call 2nd week of Dec. when finals are ! I hope before then but I would take anything! Im so ready!! Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated......
  8. by   kawaiinomiko
    Hi Jayyshi209, when did you speak with the nursing department last? I tried calling them earlier this week but never got a call back. When I took the TEAS they had told us we would hear from them in October and I'm a little tired of waiting for an answer. I'm surprised you got your waitlist number, I hope I can find out what mine is now, too. Now they're saying December? I'm gonna have to try and talk to someone next week, hopefully I'll get a hold of somebody then. Let me know if you get any updates! <=)
  9. by   Jayyshi209
    I spoke with her about 10 days ago.....She actually said they took the first 50 students from the waitlist already and that since I was 56 it would depend on how many people that were accepted from the waitlist decline their spots and how many first semester students get to repeat. ; ( She was pretty informative, told me I have about a 70% chance (but not to quote her on it) I had already taken my TEAS so she said she would know more closer to finals week, to give her a call in Dec. Sounds like a few people on this thread are higher on the waitlist though including you hopefully! I am praying for a miracle! I just want to get in and start! As we all do im sure......Did you speak with her ? Did she let you know how it looks for you as far as Spring semester goes?
  10. by   ronneep
    Hey ladies! So, I spoke with one of the main ladies in the office a couple weeks ago to get an update. She said (for me), that it's still looking good and that we would get letters, (hopefully packets) by the end of October, maybe first week of November. Reading these last few comments, I got excited because it seems as if some more answers are out! I called in this morning and she said she couldn't tell me I was in until we received our packets but that it's still looking "pretty good" and I need to start preparing myself for Spring semester with finances and everything in general! Ah!
  11. by   Jayyshi209
    @Ronneep Congrats thats great!! Well I am really hoping to hear anything sooner, but until then I suppose waiting will be all ill have. ; / I am also waiting to hear from Delta.....I really want to check in about 2nd week of Nov. to see if any changes have occurred, ahhhh well see. Does anyone know if their budget is set or perhaps they will accommodate more students??