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I'm just curious! I'm just starting (at the ripe 'ol age of 35, LOL!) looking into a career in nursing. I've worked in hospitals and clinics doing medical transcription for years and years, and way back when used to be a... Read More

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    Hi Lina,
    i got into the 2 year RN program? you?

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    Hi everyone!

    So how far have you gotten on your checklist? I have my final TB tomorrow and I will be done with health clearance stuff and will just have to see the school's nurse to get checked off. I bought uniforms and shoes/watch. Drug test is done as well as background check. Also I was able to register for my classes today! I can't believe we will start in about 3 weeks. Did anyone pick the Jan. 4th BLS class from 8:00-12:00?
    If anyone has any questions about the check list or cost of anything let me know.

    Happy Holidays!

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    Attn: 2nd-4th Semester Students-

    Hello, we have our first exam in theory thursday and I'm wondering if you have any study tips? I've done all the reading, answered all the course objective questions, and done quizes online etc. I'm purchaseing a NCLEX book tonight too. I'm guessing I should probably go back through the power points...? What are my other first semester students doing to prepare? What are/have previous students done to prepare?

    Thanks in advance for any input!
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    Hey everyone! Anybody getting ready to apply to MJC's nursing program this May? It will be my first time applying, and I was just wondering who else out there might be applying, too. =)
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    Hey kawaiinomiko,

    I will be applying to MJC for the first time this May (tomorrow) as well. I've heard many are applying. Good luck!!! =D
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    hi! i applied and now i am just waiting patiently for that letter.... Would you happen to know how much longer we have to wait to find out if we were accepted or not. I am hopeful but a little doubtful at the same time because it is my first time applying.. How about you?
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    Hey bb_luna and Faith89, I believe we'll find out if were accepted or not by end of July, early August if they're really swamped. I believe someone from the nursing office had said there were about 700 who applied last year. I'd like to know how many of those applicants were actually complete or eligible, though. In any case, we first timers have a smaller chance, but a chance none the less! =)
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    I had been told mid to end of july but after reading that note on the allied health website im guessing it'll be longer before we find out if we're in or not . We will just have to be patient and stalk that website for the note that says letters have been mailed out.
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    I submitted my nursing application back in May. I never attended MJC, and on Tuesday I got an email from Admission and Records saying that I was accepted to their school. Did anyone else get an email similar to the one I got?
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    Usually afer filling out an online application to the college (or submitting one in the mail) they email you a confirmation that you are accepted. This is not the nursing acceptance. The letter for the nursing program comes directly from the nursing department/Allied Health office in the mail. I got accepted last year with a January start date. I remember getting my acceptance really late...I think it was the last week of July or first week of August. Good luck to you!!

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