Anyone else applied to Samuel Merritt University Spring 2013 BSN program? - page 9

Hi, I just dropped off my application for the Spring 2013 BSN program at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, Ca. Anyone else want to wait with me? I am currently taking 4 courses in progress until... Read More

  1. by   Fyre
    Don't give up guys. I believe this semester was the most competitive compared to previous years. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  2. by   Marykdarling
    It did extremely competitive. I'm sorry you guys got the rejection letters, but I'm glad you guys will keep trying! I was told my an SMU counselor that sometimes it takes 2-3x to get in... I would love to hear if you guys get in somewhere else, so please let me know. You are all in my thoughts
  3. by   jum00
    Quote from Rachelynn
    How many letters of recommendation did everyone submit? I submitted just one because that's what they asked for but I'm sure having 2 or 3 would have been good. I'm a little nervous about my letter because I got it from my instructor for the CNA course I took. Although she is a nurse practitioner , the course was only 8 weeks so I didn't know her very long. Tell me about your letters and let me know what you think !
    Hey! i know this is like 5 years later...haha but i am wondering if your letter of rec from your cna instructor was helpful in any way? I was thinkin of asking my cna instructor also since i wont have enough cna experience by the time i apply...