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I applied to the Bakersfield College Nursing program for the first time this March, hoping to get in Fall 2011..but who knows with the lottery system they have.:confused: Has anyone else out there applied for BC as well?... Read More

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    Hey KMH! I just got a call from Memorial last week, I got accepted! I am soooo excited and cannot wait to start in Aug. Have you heard anything yet??

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    Congratulations!!!!! That's SOOOO exciting! I'm happy for you! I bet you're still dancing around, I know I would be! Have you taken the Teas yet? If not do you know when you have to take it?
    I still haven't heard from the college, the longer the wait the better, right?
    I heard the acceptance letters will not be mailed out until the beginning of May, so I just have to make it through another week and a half! lol
    Fingers Crossed! Congrats!
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    Thank u! I know I have to keep pinching myself! I actually took the TEAS last year, so I already have my results for that. I heard the same about the letters, last year my friends got theirs the week before finals. Good luck to you, I am hoping you will get in too! Make sure to keep me updated!
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    That's great you took the Teas and got it out of the way. I wish I would have done that! Now it's the Teas V that I will have to take, I am nervous for the test. I have a study guide, but some of the classes, like chemistry, I took a long time ago. I'm sure it will be fine, just have to "refresh" my memory!!! What did you think of the Teas? Is it as bad as some people report? or hard?

    I will let you know when I hear my fate! Hope it's good news! Thanks!
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    Well I hope it is good news too! I took the Teas IV and it wasn't hard for me- it was alot of following directions, chemistry (mainly conversions), reading comprehension and grammar, long division/adding/subtracting (some algebraic questions), only had like 3 biol questions (disappointed me!), also had earth science (what? techtonic plates?)...Some questions were ridiculous and did not apply to healthcare science and others were useful, I was just glad to get it out of the way. I did not have a study guide for it either, just used online resources-- but most who buy study guides and then take it actually do better..I got an 85%. I hear the Teas V is harder, but has more Human Bio questions (which is good for us). I know they also lowered the cutoff score too.
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    Hi, good luck and congrats again on getting to start the program this fall. Unfortunately, I didn't get in! So sad, I'm really disappointed. I didn't get my letter til late May letting me know I didn't get in, that was really crushing because I thought I got in since my letter came so late. But what can I do, just have to re-apply next time. I was wondering if you could give me the info on how to apply for a hospital sponsored seat? That would be great! Thanks!
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    Hi Supermotojen-

    How is your first semester going? I have applied for a sponsored seat at Memorial and I got a call back, they now want me to take the DDI Assessment test.... I am so nervous. I was wondering if you could give me some insight on this since you were sponsored by memorial.... was is really that bad? I have read where some people say it was easy, and others are experienced nurses of 20 years who have failed. Ofcourse I want to pass so I get the seat!!!

    Thanks for the info... hope school is going good for ya!
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    Hello everyone. I know this is an old thread but I hope someone responds. I'm applying for BC's program for this fall and I'm going to apply for a few sponsored seats. Who do I contact at Memorial about applying for a sponsored seat? If anyone has any info feel free to email me or respond here. Thanks!!
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    Hi everybody! What's a sponsor seat and how do I get information. My email is
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    Hi, if anyone could respond to me with information, it would be greatly appreciated. How do I apply for a sponsored seat? I tried to contact a few hospitals, but they sounded confused. I was wondering if there was some form of contact where they would not be confused. Thank you, it would be greatly appreciated.

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