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I was just wondering if there were any other students taking the ADN program at College of the Sequoias in Visalia California. I picked up my syllabus for N161 and want to know what ya think....... Read More

  1. by   LuLutheClown
    So, I am a current 1st semester student at COS and was so excited for you all. It made my whole day....remembering when I got my acceptance letter. I talked with one of the first semester instructors who says that several people on the waiting list are accepted.....and I was standing with a fellow student, who said that she rejected her acceptance twice...because she wasn't ready to start the program.... So, don't count yourself out.......I think 8th alternate.....might have a good shot....

    Good is wonderful....three more weeks for me until the end of the semester and I still as am excited as the day that I got my acceptance letter....well, maybe not THAT excited....I danced around my livingroom all day...that day.

    Good luck.....and hope to see you on campus.
  2. by   jon506
    Thanks guys! My wife and I are breathing a cautious sigh of relief. She is a nurse as well and knows the anxiety of all of this. So now we are thinking I am number 7 on the wait list!
  3. by   jsrw1617
    Hello, I am new to this website and need a Ton of advice! I am debating where I should apply for the RN program and if I should finsih my pre reqs at National university........?
  4. by   suela
    I would save money and complete pre reqs at a community college.
  5. by   jsrw1617
    I have all my classes for Fall 2011 however, I have not been able to into the science classes due to the demand at City. COS, FCC, and West Hills all require the same sciences and I could get them done in 6 months at National for roughly $9,000.00. Geezzzz...... That would leave me with a couple more and I would be able to apply to all three schools.........I'm just not sure what to do!
  6. by   acol2
    I know the last post was in 2011, but could I possibly ask the students who got into the COS ADN Program how you like it and what your schedule is? Us COS ADN hopefuls would love to hear! I applied for Spring 2013!!
  7. by   cht2rn
    I just started 3rd semester. The program is great and is currently going through some changes which will make it even better. I LOVE that I have class/clinicals 3 days a week (with the exception of the next 7 weeks while we go through the IV certification which will add 1 day a week). I have worked full-time (12 hours x 3 days q week) throughout the program with no problems. (I have a great husband!!) I take vacation days when I need some extra time to study and while we are doing our IV cert. The instructors have all been great, some are pretty tough, and all of them have high expectations.
    Good luck to you!!
  8. by   Lucy_03
    hey there... the wait killing you yet?