A great LVN school in the San Fernando Valley

  1. I want to recommend a wonderful LVN school in Southern California that I recently graduated from. The school is the Annenberg School of Nursing in Reseda, CA. So many community college LVN programs are impacted by our almost bankrupt state. Annenberg's tuition is reasonable, and you don't have to be on a waiting list for years. The staff and faculty were fantastic and they really cared about all the students. http://www.jha.org/annenberg/
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  3. by   DarkLotus
    I know of two community colleges with LVN programs who have almost no tuition due to BOGFW and CalGrants that just closed their applications for next fall. One had no students on the waitlist and the other only had 3. These schools are in NorCal though but there probably a few similar ones in So Cal... Perhaps you could check out our states nursing programs board under the tab US in the yellow banner. Plus for the 30K they want in tuition you could easily move to NorCal and rent a home for longer than the year it takes to become an LPN.
  4. by   IEDave
    Glad you liked it - have you passed your NCLEX-PN yet? Are their units transferrable to other educational institutions? Found a job yet? Does Annenberg provide job placement assistance?

    Not dissing your program one bit (although your $30K tuition did give me pause) - just curious.

    In my case, I'm taking my training through a local CC in the San Bernardino area; they've quoted me a cost of $1,790 for their LVN program, and given that I qualify for a BOG waiver the tuition component is close to $0 so my actual cost is for books, parking, uniforms, testing (written & drug screening) TB tests, titers & physical. Figure out-of-pocket expenses is around $700 or so, and it takes 3 semesters to complete.

    ----- Dave
  5. by   Sonusai
    Yes! This is the discussion I've been looking for. I'm looking into the various LVN programs and I'm trying to figure out if the 30,000 dollars is worth it or if I should go to a trade school. The nearest one to San Fernando Valley is called North Valley Occupational, but I don't know anything about it. Have you heard of reviews from one or the other?
  6. by   Mschwab316
    30k is alot my LPN school was 15k