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I just recently got a job in a Burn ICU. When I tell people I got a new job, they ask what hospital, and then which unit. When I tell them Burn ICU, I get that 'look'. The one that just screams... Read More

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    Don't be surprised if a BICU patient isn't what you imagined. Your 20% tbsa grandma with htn and diabetes is just as much at risk for the same complications that you'll see in your 80% tbsa young guys. If you're expecting wall-to-wall Bad Burns in the BICU, you'll be sadly mistaken.

    Poop. Everyone needs to poop because they might get an ileus. If they get an ileus, you'll also be doing q4 enemas.

    You will have to suction and developing good trach care skills is vital to being a good burn nurse. Bad burns with even moderate airway involvement will get trached for long-term treatment. If your ER is anything like ours, anyone with soot on their toes will also get intubated.
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    Thanks. I figure if I see a few burns it'll be a lot. Sounds like it's more ICU/med-surg, which is totally fine by me.

    I am hugely pro-poop, so that's not a problem. I'm a regular poop evangelist.

    Today I realized that I use the snot sucker on my kids all the time and it doesn't bother me, so maybe I can do suctioning.

    Scared and excited.
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    You must be working in a SW hospital somewhere!
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    Quote from pockunit
    Thanks. I figure if I see a few burns it'll be a lot. Sounds like it's more ICU/med-surg, which is totally fine by me.
    lol, you could possible be going to my unit then. Mixed bed unit at a large teaching hospital in the midwest?
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    Or me, pretty much the same?
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    Quote from justme1972
    I would kiss the ground those nurses walk on...that is how much respect I have for them.
    Amen to that
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    I believe you are mistaking a positive for a negative. I takes a special person to work with burn patients, people in terrible pain whose lives have been changed forever. I worked PICU for 2 years and it just about killed me...I wasn't strong enough.

    Kudos to you for working with this population of patients.


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