silver nitrate?

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    I just read something disturbing.... silver nitrate is used to treat Steven-Johnsons Syndrome. Why? I remember working with silver nitrate in chem class and it was not fun at all. The smell, and it hurt if you spilled it on your skin. Not really at first but in just a while it would tingle and itch.

    Now granted I'm sensitive to chemicals.... but, why? Is it diluted? or did i work with another type of silver nitrate? Why would we use something like this to treat a wound?

    Please shed some light!!

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    It was used to reduce infection and it was always an old-fashioned method of treating burns - went out of fashion when silver suphadiazine cream came in. The thinks behind using Silver Nitrate in dilute solution was that since SJS is often triggered by sulpha drugs SSD cream could make it worse.

    I was used at a hospital I USED to work at - note the past tense.
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    We still use it. It is a dilute solution. Dressings are changed daily-kerlix wraps and then the pt is moistened q 2 hrs with the Silver Nitrate solution. It stains like the dickens!
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    What is you pain control like with it??
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    We used to use silver nitrate & then the reps brought us a material called acticoat. It is nice to use on tens pts because then it stays on for 3 days. We have been using it for about 3 yrs. We use the same types of meds that we use with regular burns. Anywhere from 10-20 mg of MSO4, 5-10mg iv or internasal versed. Maybe some lortab & ativan. Priscilla
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    Was also used to cauterize wounds.
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    We use it for cauterization of wounds. Acticoat is something we use in our center, though it does stain the skin like crazy as well, we change it every 2 days, our surgeons like to see our wounds as often as possible so we dont usually do a 3 day change
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    We use the silver nitrate sticks for cauterization. Also, we use acticoat-usually when a patient is undergoing stage 1 & 2 integra dressings before grafting.
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    Silver nitrate sticks are also used to stimulate hypergranulated tissue as well as giving a boost to a wound that is not epitheliziing.
    In your hospitals or wound care settings, does this procedure need to be performed by an MD?
    Does anyone have a protocol for nitrate sticks?
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    Does anyone have a protocol for nitrate sticks?
    for hypergranulation tissue?

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