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Parkland Formula- Please help

  1. 0 I almost get this but am having an issue with the timing- which is probably the easiest part I know that you calculate from the time the pt. was burned, so, if my pt. was burned at 1 am and admit was at 8 am, does that mean that the fluid has to be administered in 1 hour? (45% TBSA, 80 kg). I just don't see how you would put 7200 mL in 1 hour in a person. Please let me know. Thanks
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    There's been quite a few threads on the Parkland Formula here. It's been quite a while since i have done any burns nursing so I don't want to answer your question directly in case I give you wrong information

    This thread may be of some help though
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    Yeah, I saw that thread, but it didn't help me. I appreciate it though. Thanks. I actually figured it out though. You have to subtract however many hours you missed from the 8 hours to figure out how much time you have to give the 1st 1/2 of the fluid. Hope that helps someone
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    Yeah you have to give that much fluid that fast and it can be done, it sounds crazy but it happens all the time, hopefully a 45% burn would get admitted a lot faster than 7 hours but sometimes I have known cases where a 40-45% burn waited to go to the hospital a few hours because they were "with it" and didn't understand the severity of the situation, getting the fluid in is the difference between life and death.