Hospital w/ advanced burn unit????

  1. Hello Everyone-

    I am currently in nursing school and when I graduate my passion is to work in a burn unit. But, where are they in the states? I want to specialize in this field, where should I be looking?? I would really appreciate any feedback.

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  3. by   NervousRN
    Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco
  4. by   suzanne4
    Most large cities have burn units. You just need to check out your area.
    Most are going to require some floor or unit experience first as most patients that arrive are critically ill and on ventilators with multiple drips infusing.
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  6. by   sunshine202
    Gainesville, FL has a verified burn center @ Shands at the University of Florida. Check out their website. I am a new nurse working in the BICU and the staff is amazing. Good luck with school!
  7. by   svanek
    The American Burn Association has a list of all the Verified Burn Centers. Not all Burn Centers are verified, but this is a good place to start. Good Luck.
  8. by   land27
    If your looking to go right into a burn unit from nursing school I would suggest looking for a hospital that integrates the SICU with the burn unit. I was hired directly out of nursing school into the SICU at Ohio State University Medical Center. I never intended to become a burn nurse but was slowly exposed to it by taking assignments with more stable burn patients. As time went by I naturally grew into the role as a burn nurse with the support and education of the SICU management, CNS, and experianced burn nurses.
    Tampa General Hospital Regional burn center and icu
  10. by   Made2Care
    Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  11. by   ORRocksRN
    Legacy Emanuel in Portland, Oregon
  12. by   Loreta
    Most major cities hospitals must may have them, just research according to your area of interest.
    I'm in southflorida, where the best burn unit is located in Jackson MemorialHospital at the Ryder Trauma Center. I rotated the burn unit as part of my surgical clinicals, they have a burn icu, an acute unit and the longterm and rehab. It remember participating during wound is a very hard specialty, I wish you best of luck!!!!
    If you're interested in more info, just feel free to ask and I'll try to help you the best I can
    Best wishes and luck
  13. by   JenK8083
    University of Missouri Hospital
    Burn and Wound Intensive Care Unit