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Hello Everyone- I am currently in nursing school and when I graduate my passion is to work in a burn unit. But, where are they in the states? I want to specialize in this field, where should I be looking?? I would really... Read More

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    Most major cities hospitals must may have them, just research according to your area of interest.
    I'm in southflorida, where the best burn unit is located in Jackson MemorialHospital at the Ryder Trauma Center. I rotated the burn unit as part of my surgical clinicals, they have a burn icu, an acute unit and the longterm and rehab. It remember participating during wound is a very hard specialty, I wish you best of luck!!!!
    If you're interested in more info, just feel free to ask and I'll try to help you the best I can
    Best wishes and luck

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    University of Missouri Hospital
    Burn and Wound Intensive Care Unit

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