Amish Burn Treatment

  1. Just wanted to ask you experts in burn nursing out there- have you heard or seen or read about an Amish method of treating burns using burdock leaves? Maybe someone in Pennsylvania, Ohio or other regions with alot of Amish have run into it? I listened to a talk given by an Amish healer about how he has used burdock leaves and an ointment called "B & W" to treat even 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Just wanted to get some perspective, if anyone out there has seen this.
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  3. by   RN1989
    Google burdock and herb and you will get info on the variety of things that burdock is used for.

    I do believe in using plants/herbs for some things - many of our modern meds were derived from them. But they are not something that I discuss with others as they are not sanctioned by any federally regulated group and thus not used in modern medicine. Too much litigation for me to consider these types of treatments "on the job".

    As far as the ointment - who knows what is in it???? Treatment of second and third degree burns are much different than a first degree with a high infection rate in the deeper burns.

    What I would do to self-treat is not what I would discuss with others since as a nurse, people sometimes take your word as gospel but when things don't work for them, they get lawsuit happy.
  4. by   groovy jeff
    i am from the mennonite capital of the world, west liberty ohio, and there is a bunch of different salves and ointments out there, i.e. porter's drawing salve, tar oil, etc. here is the scoop on b&w:
    b & w topical healing ointment is an amish formula. as the name suggests, it has been used by the amish (in pennsylvania and ohio, usa) for years to treat a variety of burns and wounds.
    ingredients: honey, lanolin, olive oil, wheat germ oil, aloe vera gel, wormwood, marshmallow root, comfrey root, white oak bark, lobelia, vegetable glycerin, beeswax.

    stay groovy
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  5. by   country mom
    The man had pictures of cases he's treated. It was very interesting. I think his strength is that he pays such careful attention to the wound and how it's dressed. The Amish we met with say that when the burdock leaves are applied, the pain disappears. They also don't debride- he says the dead tissue comes off when leaf dressing is removed. If there's a better way to relieve someone's pain and help the healing too, why not? I wish there was a university somewhere that would be willing to study it.
  6. by   XB9S
    I did a quick google search on burdock leaves for burns treatment, as it's not something that I had heard of and there is lots of alternative therapy sites and self help sites that come up but I couldn't find any actual research or good quality evidence to support or despute the use.

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  7. by   amishhelper
    I have been allowed to assist with treating an Amish man with first, second, and third degree burns with burdock leaves and B&W ointment. This protocol is detailed in the book "Burn Aid", found at

    One can also order the B&W ointment there. Since the main ingredient is raw honey, one can infer that the antibiotic power of honey functions in the prevention of infection.

    It has been a week since the accident; he spent three days at the CU Medical School Burn treatment unit, when he asked to go home and be treated by his community. He is recovering remarkably. Pain is controlled with this treatment, and the patient is relatively comfortable, without pain meds. I will be taking pictures starting tomorrow, and document the progress of the case. This treatment is supposed to leave minimal to no scarring. Let us hope.
  8. by   bobmutch
    Mark Stoll from the Aylmer, Ontario Amish community started putting out a newsletter for the care givers of burn victims.

    The first copy has been published online. You can find it at Burn Treatments.
  9. by   indigo girl
    This is very interesting. I find herbal medicine to be a
    fascinating field, and have the utmost respect for those
    trained healers. There is a long, long history of the
    successful use of many of their treatments.
  10. by   country mom
    Quote from bobmutch
    Mark Stoll from the Aylmer, Ontario Amish community started putting out a newsletter for the care givers of burn victims.

    The first copy has been published online. You can find it at Burn Treatments.
    I have had to opportunity to hear Mr. Stoll and also John Keim, speak. They are fascinating to hear and speak so humbly, yet so articulate. Also, they maintain meticulous records of the patients they treat. I find their results nothing short of remarkable. I harvested and dried burdock leaf last summer and have a supply on hand- if I or any of my family were burned, I would use this treatment with the leaf and B&W.
  11. by   bobmutch
    I am reading three books on this treatment. Burn Aid, Comfort for the Burned and Wounded, and The New Concept In Treating Burns. There is a short review of them on my blog at Burn Treatment Books.

    I also added a chapter from Comfort for the Burned and Wounded where it tells how John Keim discovered this treatment method for burns. It is really a beautiful story. I cried when I read it.

    I also have added up the last 2 issues of Mark Stoll's newletter, Balm of Gilead.

    I am doing personal research on this subject and plan on adding lots of articles and testimonies in my Burn Treatment Category.

    Mark Stoll lives about 10km from me here in Aylmer, Ontario.

    Bob Mutch
  12. by   joycnm
    This treatment is nothing short of a miracle. I've seen photos of a toddler who had 2nd degree burns to his hands from tripping toward a hot wood stove. Within 15 minutes after applying the ointment, leaves and dressing this toddler stopped crying. Within 2 weeks it was almost healed without problems. I have many anecdotal stories about the wonderful treatment of burns with this method. No infection, no adhesions, no PAIN!! The many Mennonite and Amish ask me why doctors don't embrace this new, better treatment that has been proven over many years of use. I answer, "#1 the lawyers, RN 1989 said it best, she doesn't want to get sued for offering a better option to a patient #2 the doctors don't believe what they see--only what is FDA approved, double-blind research, and spent millions to prove it works and # 3 doctors are now told by lawyers and insurance businessmen how to practice medicine. Healthcare consumers beware. Your medical care is now dictated by lawyers and businessmen who have not stepped foot in a medical school. That is why our state of healthcare is in such decline in America.
  13. by   NurseKitten
    That's what I love about this is an education unto itself.

    Thank you for enlightening me on something new. Fascinating stuff.