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Just wanted to ask you experts in burn nursing out there- have you heard or seen or read about an Amish method of treating burns using burdock leaves? Maybe someone in Pennsylvania, Ohio or other... Read More

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    This treatment is nothing short of a miracle. I've seen photos of a toddler who had 2nd degree burns to his hands from tripping toward a hot wood stove. Within 15 minutes after applying the ointment, leaves and dressing this toddler stopped crying. Within 2 weeks it was almost healed without problems. I have many anecdotal stories about the wonderful treatment of burns with this method. No infection, no adhesions, no PAIN!! The many Mennonite and Amish ask me why doctors don't embrace this new, better treatment that has been proven over many years of use. I answer, "#1 the lawyers, RN 1989 said it best, she doesn't want to get sued for offering a better option to a patient #2 the doctors don't believe what they see--only what is FDA approved, double-blind research, and spent millions to prove it works and # 3 doctors are now told by lawyers and insurance businessmen how to practice medicine. Healthcare consumers beware. Your medical care is now dictated by lawyers and businessmen who have not stepped foot in a medical school. That is why our state of healthcare is in such decline in America.
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    That's what I love about this is an education unto itself.

    Thank you for enlightening me on something new. Fascinating stuff.

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